Monday, September 15, 2014

10 Ways Custom Salesforce1 Community Cloud Helped BioTek

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Written by Laura Thompson Laura Thompson

The Salesforce1 Community Cloud (formerly known as Salesforce Communities) that Luxent built for BioTek was completely custom, designed to fit BioTek’s needs. Given the complexity of BioTek’s requirements, our ‘Salesforce experts for the Salesforce experts’ had to design some new functionality and processes to meet BioTek’s needs.

Here’s what the Luxent-customized Salesforce1 Community Cloud provides for BioTek:

1. Accessibility: Employees, distributors, and partners—both internal and external users—have access to many details as far as what each group can see: products, images, documents, videos, links, etc.
2. At-a-glance updates: A “What’s New and Updated” section is on the login homepage of the Community Cloud which dynamically lists the latest resources based on a user’s last login
3. Usability: An easily maintained system—uploads and updates are just a few clicks away (no HTML coding required!)—even with 600+ users and 1600+ documents and files

Product Page for BioTek's Salesforce1 Community Cloud

Product Page for BioTek’s Salesforce1 Community Cloud

4. Streamlined look and feel: BioTek’s brand is completely maintained in the Community
5. Easy to grow: Outside partners and distributors are quickly set up with access
6. Mobility: If partners or distributors are on the road but need to check on a product or view a document, they can do so easily
7. Collaboration: Users are added to Chatter groups automatically based on their profile; both internal and external users are on Chatter (a customization by Luxent)
8. Security: Access is handled seamlessly between groups and documents/files thanks to Salesforce licenses and permissions

BioTek Product Page with Salesforce1 Community Cloud

Salesforce1 Community Cloud Product Page with all Images Available for Product

9. Performance: External users have seen a performance increase in download times
10. Search: BioTek now sees vastly improved search capabilities; with all the documents in one place, any document or file is easy to find

Luxent has the experience and the resources to create a custom Community that will meet the needs of your company—no matter how specific or complex. Whatever your requirements are, we are confident we can meet them. Contact us today to discuss how a custom Community could help your company.

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