manufacturing industry growth

Are you ready to keep up with manufacturing industry growth?

Not too long ago I posted an article with data from the Labor Department saying the economy–and manufacturing–was improving. It looks like there’s more good news this week with a report coming from Markit (via Manufacturing Leadership) showing that the U.S. manufacturing industry growth rate is growing faster than it has in four years.

Obviously, this is outstanding news and hopefully you’re experiencing the direct benefit of the economy’s progress. That said, growth can be difficult if you don’t have the right systems setup in the right way to support your employees, partners, and customers. To ensure your growth is a blessing and not a burden, here are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Can my systems withstand growth? If you’re using homegrown solutions to manage customers and customer activity (like sending them custom quotes), you’re probably not as scalable as you need to be. Just getting by with old systems that are clunky, slow, and not integrated to your mission-critical platforms will make it hard to keep up with increased customer activity.
  • Are my partners truly supported? Partnerships are an enormously important part of keeping your company growing but supporting those partnerships can be difficult. Tools like the Salesforce1 Partner Cloud make it easy to connect partners with through a secure online portal where you can house resources and interact via Chatter.
  • Do my employees have tools at their fingertips? It’s no surprise that employees are just as apt to answer an email from their mobile device as from their laptop–is your team able to access your information and systems from anywhere? Can they quote from anywhere? See how Westmor maximizes its Salesforce platform to allow reps to quote from anywhere with iQ CPQ, Luxent’s Configure Price Quote application.

Bottom line, as always, is that growth is good–but only if you have a plan to keep up with it.