5 Treats for Using NetSuite this Halloween

tricks for NetSuite ERP setupAs someone who’s spent a career working with ERP platforms, I know that they can sometimes be frustrating. They’re so powerful and have so much information that it can be difficult to get where you want to go. With Halloween coming up, I’ve compiled some tricks and treats for users getting started with NetSuite and running into some familiar sticking points. Here are five treats for getting around some of the “tricks” in NetSuite that may be stopping you up:

Trick #1: Getting caught up in mazes of navigation when you just need to get to the same menu items all the time.

Treat #1: Setup shortcuts on your desktop and they’ll do double-duty by appearing under your favorites menu, too. Now you have two ways to be more efficient!

Trick #2: Wondering if you’ve met your sales goals for the month (or if you’re even close).

Treat #2: Add standard or custom KPI reports to your home dashboard  (complete with graphs, analytics, and custom formatting) so that you can quickly and easily see key data and where you need to put your attention.

Trick #3: Falling behind on work because you didn’t realize there were items that required your attention.

Treat #3: While you’re adding those KPI reports to your home dashboard, setup Reminders for tasks that have your name on them so that you’re notified of what’s in your queue when you login to NetSuite.

Trick #4: Creating roles from scratch because your company needs specific criteria included.

Treat #4: Save time by utilizing standard NetSuite roles and then tweak to meet your specific user needs. It’s easy to customize users and you’ll save more energy than you expend.

Trick #5: Getting stuck trying to fix something and ending up frustrated that it’s still slowing you down.

Treat #5: Check out SuiteAnswers and research your problem. You’ll be surprised how active and knowledgeable the group is and there are lots of great answers out there and you can probably find help faster than you can cast a spell on your PC. You can also reach out to Luxent to help answer questions—our NetSuite experts are here to help!

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