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Ensuring Efficacy in Your ERP Implementation

By Cassius Kellogg / February 10, 2020

efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result A great word for everyone to learn, especially in the consulting world, is efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Especially when it comes to ensuring efficacy in your ERP implementation. As technology plays a larger part in our society, the…

Going Live on NetSuite in 34 Days

By Cassius Kellogg / September 18, 2017

When making a big and exciting choice like selecting a new ERP platform, all customers want to go live as fast as possible to take advantage of the new functionality they’ve purchased. However, there are hurdles to jump, walls to go around, and dead-ends where you need to go back and try again. These metaphorical…

What’s next from NetSuite?

By Cassius Kellogg / June 21, 2017

It’s been two months since SuiteWorld and we’re still thinking about all the exciting things we heard and saw! Below, I’ve summarized some of the biggest news coming out of NetSuite + Oracle and what we’re looking forward to seeing from the world’s leading Cloud ERP platform.   Global Business Unit – And why it…

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