Cloud ERP is for Everyone (Except when it isn’t)

The Cloud has been touted as a panacea for the struggles of efficiently running a business—but is it really reasonable to expect a mystical Cloud-based solution to solve everyone’s problems completely? The fact is, many providers focus so much on using Cloud infrastructure, that it comes at the cost of building out robust functionality that…

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5 Treats for Using NetSuite this Halloween

tricks for NetSuite ERP setup

As someone who’s spent a career working with ERP platforms, I know that they can sometimes be frustrating. They’re so powerful and have so much information that it can be difficult to get where you want to go. With Halloween coming up, I’ve compiled some tricks and treats for users getting started with NetSuite and…

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Five Tips for Showing Marketing ROI in Salesforce

salesforce marketing report roi

If you’re a marketer starting to think about hunkering down with several pumpkin spice lattes and Excel spreadsheets (recommended ratio = 2:1) to crank through your 2016 budget projections, we feel your pain. It’s that time of year when you need to show your marketing ROI and Salesforce is just the platform to help. Our…

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The Internet of Customers: Technology and the B2B Customer Journey

Internet of Customers

Reading a recent blog post by one of our partners, NetSuite, I came across a very interesting point about how drastically marketing has changed in recent years: “[T]he last five years have seen the rise of the era of integrated marketing, during which buyer behavior has been reshaped by the Internet. Buyers have changed the…

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The Importance of the Right Solution Partner

solution partner erp crm

When it comes to making big decisions for your business (What platform should I buy? When’s the right time? Does it matter who implements it? Will it integrate with my existing systems and processes?), you can’t underestimate the importance of the right solution partner to get you across the finish line. I had a call…

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From Green Screens to the Cloud – How Cloud ERP is Changing Everything

erp upgrade

Last week I received an email from a student at my alma mater who wanted to know about how I got started in marketing and, specifically, how I ended up in technology/services/enterprise software marketing. The truth is that although I kind of fell into it, it’s been an unending roller coaster that’s kept me energized…

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