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Beracah Homes iQ Configure, Price, Quote Case Study

Case Study, iQ / CPQ

Written by Laura Monn Ginsburg Laura Monn Ginsburg

Beracah Homes iQ CPQGreenwood, DE, USA
Modular Home Manufacturer

Beracah Homes is a new home builder that specializes in customer-designed modular homes, townhouses, duplexes, passive houses, and light commercial projects. Based in Delaware and building with customers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Beracah Homes is quickly scaling to keep up with its growth.

We’re constantly building quotes and needed a system that could transform our entire sales process. iQ CPQ is built for manufacturers in a way no competitor even came close to providing.”
– Blaire Hartstein, Pricing & Cost Analyst


With long sales cycles, a business shift from wholesale to direct retail, and sales reps relying on manual Excel spreadsheets to build quotes, Beracah Homes selling and quoting process was cumbersome and inconsistent.

“We needed a system that could transform our entire sales process,” said Blaire Hartstein, Beracah’s Pricing & Cost Analyst tasked with implementing a new quoting system. “It became clear that we needed a solution that could guide salespeople through the quote-building process and allow for very complex configuration of custom homes where any decision can have a major impact on the price and build-out.”

Key Solution Requirements

  • Able to handle highly complex quoting needs
  • Smart and robust configurator
  • Able to streamline the quoting and approvals process
  • Salesforce native


In looking for a solution, Beracah Homes evaluated numerous applications, including CPQ industry leaders and specialized builders’ software solutions. While there are many excellent solutions on the market, for Beracah Homes, it came down to working with a company that knew its product, the manufacturing industry, and how to ensure a quoting solution would meet the specific needs of a highly custom and complex product.

“Working with Luxent to learn about iQ CPQ put us immediately at ease. Unlike with other vendors, Luxent really knew the product and could speak to its exact features. iQ is very geared toward manufacturing and that made us confident the product would do what we needed.”

Beracah Homes simultaneously implemented Salesforce and iQ CPQ to ensure standardization across the sales team. In under two months, Beracah Homes was able to self-implement iQ to deploy it along with Salesforce: “The product is easy to understand. Even without a computer or technology background, I was able to handle the implementation on my own,” said Hartstein. “Luxent was there to help me with questions and support and I feel confident that I can make updates to the platform and support my users and their experience with iQ.”


“We started seeing results right away,” said Hartstein. “Quoting times were greatly reduced, approval processes were expedited, and salespeople are able to more efficiently work with customers to design their dream homes.”

Key results include:

  • The back-and-forth process necessary for a customer to design their home has been codified in the Salesforce and iQ tools to make it easy for salespeople to facilitate the design process
  • The margin calculator helps sales reps see exactly where they have room for flexibility and where they can make a better sale
  • Approval processes, setup with standard iQ workflows, ensure everyone’s on the same page with customer requests and changes

With so many details going into custom home projects, the Beracah Homes team understands the importance of an application that makes it easy to catch key details before they become errors.

“Accuracy has been greatly improved in our quoting as well,” explained Hartstein. “The other week, iQ caught what could have been a $5,000 mistake when a customer changed a building material that required a larger piece of machinery to go on-site. When your sales process is highly detailed, has many back-and-forth interactions, and is different with every customer, you need a system that you can depend on to catch every little thing. iQ CPQ does that for us.”

What’s Next

Employees have embraced the cultural and process changes that iQ and Salesforce have brought to Beracah Homes and the company looks forward to expanding its use of iQ CPQ to take more items out of the pricebook and put them into iQ. “The more we can add to iQ, the better for everyone from sales to customers to the bottom line.”

When your sales process is highly detailed, has many back-and-forth interactions, and is different with every customer, you need a system that you can depend on to catch every little thing. iQ CPQ does that for us.” – Blaire Hartstein

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