Big Data, Big Problems — Why data integration is the key

Did you know that data stored in enterprise applications is expected to grow by 50% each year to 40 zettabytes by 2020 (IDC)? I certainly didn’t know this fact and I definitely didn’t know that a zettabyte is a unit of information equal to one sextillion. Simply put, that’s a lot of data. With all that big data just getting bigger, how can you possibly get a handle on it? Through data integration.

In our most recent data integration white paper, we dig into some of the biggest fears about data integration (it will take too long, it will cost too much, it won’t really work) and counter with why these fears can’t hold you back from implementing a data integration solution. Take, for example, the fact that 44% of organizations spend the most time on data-related tasks (Ventana Research)–if your organization wasn’t whiling away hours of their day messing with data, what could you gain? Aside from focusing on more strategic initiatives or higher sales, what of the employee satisfaction you could gain by no longer having your team tied up in the weeds of data?

Data integration should be a priority of any growing company that wants to maximize software and systems’ ROI, improve overall visibility, and ensure user efficiency. When done well, data integration can seamlessly link the business-critical systems and information your users need to be productive and responsive. Download the free white paper to read more and contact the Luxent team with additional questions or for a demonstration of LiNK Data Integration.