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Feb 16 2017

What I learned implementing NetSuite on-site at a manufacturer

B2B, NetSuite

When I was asked to be on-site for a month at a client, the excitement grew as I began preparations for my upcoming trip to Los Angeles, California. As a NetSuite Consultant, on-site trips tend to range from a couple of days to two weeks at most; therefore, I knew that one month would be challenging but…

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Written by Elean Olguin

Jan 16 2017

Why it Might Be Time for a Salesforce Re-Implementation

Salesforce, Salesforce Tips & Tricks

While this post’s title may make you break out in hives a little, it’s true that objectively looking at your Salesforce system, your initial goals for it, and how it’s working today may lead you to the conclusion that it’s time for a Salesforce re-implementation. Stop me if this sounds too familiar: A few years ago,…

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Written by Andrew Bryant Andrew Bryant

Jan 3 2017

How to Stop Procrastinating on Setting Salesforce Resolutions

Salesforce, Salesforce Tips & Tricks

After dropping my son off at a play-date last week, I called my dad and mentioned my to-do list included writing a Salesforce New Year’s Resolutions blog post. I admitted that I kept putting it off and letting it fall to the bottom of my to-do list and my dad asked, “So, is the first…

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Written by Karran Toffelmier Karran Toffelmier

Dec 27 2016

2017 Technology and Manufacturing Trends Round-up

Industry News

Welcome to the last week of December when the best-of, year-in-review, looking-ahead, and every other type of list comes out to summarize the current year, toss a bow on it, and move on to the next. ‘Tis the season, after all! While there’s no shortage of places to find these sorts of articles (some links below for…

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Written by Laura Monn Ginsburg Laura Monn Ginsburg

Dec 9 2016

Ensuring Efficacy in Your ERP Implementation

ERP, NetSuite

A great word for everyone to learn, especially in the consulting world, is efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Especially when it comes to ensuring efficacy in your ERP implementation. As technology plays a larger part in our society, the efficacy of new development is what determines a product’s success. The…

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Written by Cassius Kellogg Cassius Kellogg

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