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Configure Price Quote

CPQ is the Secret Sales Sauce

One of my favorite reports I’ve shared over and over with our sales team is a 2016 CPQ report from Aberdeen that beautifully makes the case for utilizing a Configure, Price, Quote solution to improve not just selling metrics, but a salesperson’s ability to be responsive and successful. When it comes to making magic, CPQ is the…

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Automating the Most Important Part of Your Business: Quoting

Automation is a hot topic these days as more and more solutions help businesses streamline manual processes. When it comes to considering what you should automate, it can be overwhelming to think through which processes and teams can gain the most from automation. In working with manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, my recommendation is…

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The Internet of Customers: Technology and the B2B Customer Journey

Internet of Customers

Reading a recent blog post by one of our partners, NetSuite, I came across a very interesting point about how drastically marketing has changed in recent years: “[T]he last five years have seen the rise of the era of integrated marketing, during which buyer behavior has been reshaped by the Internet. Buyers have changed the…

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The Importance of Simple Technology

SuiteWorld 2015 NetSuite

We had a great time at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld user conference the other week in San Jose. Just look at these happy faces! We heard a lot of great things while we were at the conference including exciting product and visionary keynotes from NetSuite leaders about where technology is going and how the cloud is enabling faster,…

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Bringing Speed and Accuracy Into Your Manufacturing Quotes

manufacturing quoting in the cloud

For custom equipment, contract, and job shop manufacturers, quoting is the lifeblood of their organizations.  Quote too high and risk losing the business; quote too low and risk taking a bath on the job.  So how do the most successful companies find the right balance?  It all starts with bringing speed and accuracy into your manufacturing…

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Tackling Salesforce Quoting Needs, Both Big and Small

I was just visiting our YouTube Channel and came across our recent Salesforce Expert Series webinar on Quoting Capabilities in Salesforce. In the webinar, one of our Salesforce Technical Architects, Chad Smith, does a great job covering some of the limitations of native Salesforce quoting and offers some clever tips and tricks to extend the functionality and…

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iQ: How to Quote Configured Products

It’s relatively easy for a salesperson to create a quote when the customer requests an item that you have already sitting in your product catalog because all he has to do is log into their favorite quoting application or pop open a  recent quote template or spreadsheet and  plug in the product and price.  A…

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Improving Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Through Integration

Last month we touched on the exponential value to manufacturers realize when they integrate their ERP and Salesforce solutions as well as implement an advanced quoting solution.  Most of the benefits listed were around process improvement.  The good news is that the benefits do not stop there. As mentioned last month, there is also massive…

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The Exponential Value of Implementing Both iQ and Connect

As you are well aware by now, Luxent has a rich background in manufacturing and technology. Our consultants average 15+ years experience in the industry and have deep experience with both CRM and ERP.  After many years of providing custom services to our customers, it became obvious that there were some repeatable service needs in…

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Luxent Showcases its ERP & CRM Expertise Services & Solutions at Dreamforce ‘13

Luxent, the leading ERP and service provider for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors today has announced its agenda for Dreamforce ‘13 and plans to take the show by storm. Luxent, an Inc.500 company and Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner will be presenting at Dreamforce Sessions by Luxent employees and customers, hosting its second annual Manufacturing…

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