Our Core Values

People are always asking us “What sets Luxent apart?”

Well, it’s not just one thing — it’s ten. We believe the things that set us apart as a company are the Core Values that guide everything we do. From the incredible teammates that join our team, to the customers we gratefully partner with, our Core Values are the foundation our company is built on.

Each member of the Luxent team lives and breathes these core values every day. They are at the core of our amazing team of people, and ultimately, those people are what makes our company so special.

These core values are an integral part of our identity as a company. They are guidelines that we live by day in and day out and shape who we are as a community, as a company, and as partners that empower users.

#1 Deliver Excellence

We as a company strive to provide unprecedented service to our customers. We understand that every detail matters, and we understand that it is not always what we say, but what we do. At Luxent, we believe in always going beyond what is expected and work to anticipate our customers’ needs. We call it a PlusOne mentality. This is what sets us apart as individuals and as a company.

#2 Pursue Growth and Creativity

Never stop growing. An appetite for knowledge is an integral part of who Luxent is as a company. We challenge our team every day to continue to learn, grow, and share with their fellow team members. We challenge ourselves to think innovatively and out of the box. We believe knowledge and creativity are at the core of what makes good companies great. Day in and day out, our team strives to find the best and most innovative solutions for our customers. To do this, we can never stop challenging ourselves.

#3 Be Present

Spend more time on people and less on technology. While we believe technology makes all of our lives easier, it also distracts us from being present in most of our conversations during the day. We believe being present and engaged is a critical component in our ability to truly be effective contributors. We challenge our team to engage and demonstrate a “Be Present” mentality.

#4 Always Do The Right Thing

If we had to live by one principle, it would be this one. Always do the right thing. Often, there are not others to rely on when tough decisions need to be made. Luxent’s team members ask themselves, Is this right by the customer, the company, and my team? At Luxent, we admire integrity, which is why each and every one of our teammates makes decisions with this value in mind.

#5 Balance

We know life doesn’t come in an even flow and often times there is a need to put in long hours and weekends. We encourage our employees to not lose sight of staying balanced. Strong teams are built on a strong foundation. Keep family and friends at the core of your daily work. Work hard and play hard. Take time to enjoy the little joys life brings you. Share your work with your family, they are an extension of the Luxent family. Make time for family, take vacations, develop passions, and enjoy life along the way.

#7 Give Back

Giving back is one of the most rewarding things we can do to show our gratitude. Whether it’s giving time or energy, just 1% goes a long way toward helping the communities we call home.

#6 Be Authentic, Grateful, and Humble

Authenticity and appreciation are values we practice every day though team meetings, customer meetings, and even through quick online shout-outs to our teammates. Being truly authentic, grateful, and humble allows our company to work together cohesively and not let egos get in the way of effectiveness.

#8 Embrace the Family Spirit

Take care of each other. At Luxent, we believe our work family deserves an investment of time and care. We take the time to learn each other’s strengths, passions, and challenges. We work together as a team to deliver results that cannot be delivered alone. We always encourage and support one another. We are a friend to our teammates.

Beyond just our teammates we embrace the family spirit with our customers, too.  We want to enter each meeting, call, or email by giving grace. Grace is kindness, favor, dignity, and respect. It means being thoughtful and diplomatic, it is taking responsibility for our mistakes, and looking for solutions without shame or blame.

#9 Build Lasting Relationships

Lasting relationships are built with communication and trust. At Luxent our goal is to ensure our customers and teammates always feel informed, confident, and appreciated. Each team member works to achieve this every day, leaving a positive impact on everyone with whom we build a relationship. We strive to be known for our strong character, transparency, and reliability. We always have what is best for our customers in mind.

10. Enjoy the Journey

This is quite possibly our favorite core value. We try to enjoy the journey - both inside and outside of work - as much as possible. Where we work and what we do for a living is such a large part of our lives, we owe it to ourselves to enjoy what we do. At Luxent, we encourage an open, approachable, and fun environment where employees enjoy their work and the entire journey along the way.