Dreamforce 15 and San Francisco Tips for the Newbie and Veteran Alike

What I’ve learned from previous years at Dreamforce that I’m going to remember this go around

Don’t overbook yourself. Make sure that you are strategic in your agenda, especially now that the conference is getting bigger and bigger; it’s so much wider spread, making sure that you go with a focus: “This is what I want to get out of it, and do I have the agenda that is built around those goals?” The first couple of years, you want to see everything and go everywhere; you’re afraid of what you’re missing, and you can’t be. You have to make sure you know what your goals are and build your agenda around that.


What I’m hoping to get out of Dreamforce this year

I’m looking forward to the customer connections, meeting with my customers, my partners, my friends. Once a year, I can spend time with my customers, side by side, during keynotes, during sessions, concerts, dinner, catching up on not just what’s going on in their company or their Salesforce org, but what’s going on with their life. Just having that time to catch up with them. So for me, it’s part business and part personal, because I truly value all of the relationships we have formed working at Luxent. I care about how they’re doing, where their business is going, and how Salesforce is helping them get there.

SFO Juel 1

I’m going to Dreamforce 15 along with one of our senior consultants to learn and understand the new features that are coming out, and how we can bring that back to our consulting team. What does that mean for our customers? What does that mean for manufacturers on the platform? What does that mean to some of the products that we support and some of the product ideas that we have for the future? I want to make sure that we’re learning everything that’s new with Salesforce, applying it to the day to day and to our future.


What I’m most looking forward to at Dreamforce and about San Francisco

This year, I’m looking forward to being on the Dreamboat. I’ve never been on a cruise ship before, and this is just Salesforce-focused; being in that community and in that culture is going to be very exciting! San Francisco is a great city, so I’m looking forward to good food and Salesforce’s hospitality. They put together a great event, so I’m looking forward to being in that culture.

I’m excited about being in the Salesforce community: people are eager to learn, eager to share, focused on growing their knowledge on the tool, and  eager to share and talk about how they can grow their business using the platform. I’m looking forward to being creative, talking with customers and mapping out ideas. How does this apply to you? How can we make this work for your org? How can we build efficiency for mapping that out, then going back to the office and making that a reality.


San Francisco Dining

My favorite breakfast in San Francisco is Sears Fine Food, searsfinefood.com, with their Swedish pancakes and old-school atmosphere. Another great one that’s close to Moscone and is good for breakfast is Mel’s Drive-In, melsdrive-in.com.


Favorite San Francisco spot

If you haven’t been to San Francisco, you’ve got to do the San Francisco Trolley. I’m from a city that doesn’t have that type of transportation, so watching the Trolley on the turnabout is fun. I am from Chicago; site-seeing at the wharf with all the sea lions was so unique and different for me. For me, it’s all about the trolley and the sea lions!

SFO Juel Sea Lions

SFO Juel Trolley


Look out for Part II of what I’m looking forward to at Dreamforce 15. Hint: Lightning.