Dreamforce ’16 – 6 Quick Tips for Making the Most of the Biggest Salesforce Event of the Year

golden gate bridge

Make the time to see the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge

If you’re attending Dreamforce ’16 alongside 150,000 (or so) of your nearest and dearest Salesforce users, partners, staff, and press, you’re in for a wild ride this week! Here are some quick tips for making the most of the crazy days and nights ahead!

  1. Plan your travel time accordingly. I think this was the biggest surprise to me as a Dreamforce attendee–just how long it takes to get around. The campus itself is huge (here’s a handy DF16 map!) but you could end up surprised how far your hotel is from the action. Give yourself at least an hour to get to Moscone, no matter how close you’re staying (but particularly if you’ll need to catch a shuttle).
  2. Check the weather but always take an extra layer. It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful week in San Francisco but don’t forget you’ll largely be indoors, including in chilly hotel ballrooms and meeting rooms.
  3. Speaking of dressing, how are your shoes holding up? It might be too late to change what you have with you (here’s some quick walking directions from Moscone to DSW if you need some sneakers!) but at least make sure you’re alternating shoes and taking a rest when you can.
  4. Don’t forget to charge up. One thing I didn’t realize the first time I went to Dreamforce was that when you leave in the morning, you’re likely not going to see your hotel room until at least 8 hours later. Make sure you’ve charged your devices and packed some snacks to charge yourself, too.
  5. Make time to network. You may feel rushed going from classes to keynotes to the Cloud Expo to after hours activities, but don’t forget to stop and say hello to those around you. Dreamforce brings together an incredible group of people and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to meet someone great. Check out the Dreamforce Chatter feed to see what’s happening (there’s also a parties and networking feed to help make introductions).
  6. See the city. San Francisco is endlessly exciting and no matter if this is your first trip or your 21st, you’ll want to make time to see a little of the local culture. A few ideas include a cable car ride (how to do it), the Golden Gate Bridge (at least for a selfie!), and the Museum of Modern Art.

Whatever you do, enjoy (and embrace!) the chaos of Dreamforce. It’s an event unlike any other and that will make you a Salesforce enthusiast all over again.

We are attending Dreamforce and would love to see you there — contact us to setup a meeting. No time? No problem. Contact us to setup a Dreamforce Debrief and we’ll help you think through putting your new Salesforce knowledge into action at your organization.