Tackling Salesforce Quoting Needs, Both Big and Small

I was just visiting our YouTube Channel and came across our recent Salesforce Expert Series webinar on Quoting Capabilities in Salesforce. In the webinar, one of our Salesforce Technical Architects, Chad Smith, does a great job covering some of the limitations of native Salesforce quoting and offers some clever tips and tricks to extend the functionality and…

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Written by David Copeland David Copeland

Tackling Salesforce Development for Non-Developers

The idea of Salesforce development can be pretty intimidating. Many people think that if they aren’t formally trained as a Salesforce developer, they shouldn’t try to make changes in the platform. I’m here to say it isn’t so. I recently conducted Luxent’s first Intro to Force.com Salesforce Development class specifically for non-developers. While this class isn’t for…

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Written by Jeff Rogers Jeff Rogers

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