Many people are familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming” from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Winter in business can mean many positive things: end-of-year bonuses, holiday parties, vacations. But in my former life as an entrepreneur, winter (chiefly November 15 – February 15) was challenging to endure which is why I’m here to tell you there’s a great hack for getting a jump on spring.

If you work with service providers for platforms such as NetSuite, you have to be able to count on your consulting team to implement revisions and updates to your business processes and automations. Of course, this requires the right agreements in place, as well as scheduling days (if not weeks) in advance to ensure the right people are available to see to your needs.

These people (your friendly consulting team members) have finite availability, most of which is demanded during the boom implementation seasons of spring and fall. Why are these seasons the busiest? Making big investments of time and money (like that needed for an ERP implementation or major project) usually get ok’d or released early in the calendar year when annual budgets start fresh. Summer is also a natural slow season (as school breaks and good weather can make it difficult to get quorum on a decision) which makes Fall another good time for work to pick up…before the end of year slowdown.

Using Winter wisely can be a win-win for your company and your budget. Service providers tend to have a little more availability as other projects slow down and you can make the most of it. As part of your annual planning meeting, consider scheduling rollouts of major changes to core business processes (including software) for the winter season and work your schedule back from there.

You’ll be surprised how much more time and cost-efficient you can be. Besides, the sooner you start, the sooner you get to enjoy the benefits of better technology! Our team loves winter work — let us know if we can help!