NetSuite 2022.1 Release Highlights

NetSuite Release Highlights

Now that NetSuite’s 2022.1 release is officially out, our team has read the notes, reviewed all the new features, and compiled a list of our favorites and how to use them in your business. Read on below and reach out to talk to our NetSuite experts about how you can maximize your cloud ERP platform.…

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Financial Report Customization

Customized Financial Reports

Basics of Customizing Financial Reports Customizing financial reports allows you to tailor your statements to your business. You can rearrange your accounts, add new sections, formulas, and other information that does not come standard in NetSuite. To customize a financial statement like your balance sheet, income statement, or statement of cash flows click the “Customize”…

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NetSuite SuiteAnswers Courses and Documentation: NetSuite Administrator


One training resource is the NetSuite Learning Portal. Check with your NetSuite administrator to gain access to the portal for courses: Getting Started, By Product, By Role, By Task, and more. You can take the courses independently.  Administrator Role Courses Curriculum Title Length Accounting Series – Allocations 54 min   Accounting Series – Fixed Asset…

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Customizing Standard Reports in NetSuite

The Report Builder lets you customize your current reports by adding columns and filters to organize your data. To customize a report, click “Customize” at the bottom left of your report. This will bring you to the Report Builder page. The Report Builder contains 4 different sections – Edit Columns, Filters, Sorting, and More Options.…

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Ensuring Efficacy in Your ERP Implementation

efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result A great word for everyone to learn, especially in the consulting world, is efficacy – the ability to produce a desired or intended result. Especially when it comes to ensuring efficacy in your ERP implementation. As technology plays a larger part in our society, the…

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#LuxentTechTalk | Loading Custom Modules in SuiteScript 2.0 using @NAmdConfig

Are you tired of not being able to reuse your custom modules or other third-party JavaScript libraries in NetSuite’s SuiteScript 2.0 API? The article below will teach you how to load custom modules in SuiteScript 2.0 using @NAmdConfig. The ability to customize NetSuite to suit your business needs is virtually unlimited with the application of…

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How to move between NetSuite roles faster

Physical Inventories Are Being Replaced By Cycle Count

Many NetSuite users have access to more than one NetSuite role and need to seamlessly shift between them throughout their workday. Many NetSuite consultants, administrators, and even users are assigned multiple roles within potentially multiple environments. This can be a real pain — so we made it a little easier with a Chrome extension! The Chrome…

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Counting Down to SuiteWorld19!

With another SuiteWorld less than a week away, we are counting down to SuiteWorld19! From some of our team members headed to Las Vegas, here’s what we can’t wait to see and do at this year’s show! Cassius Kellogg, NetSuite Consultant: “I am most looking forward to some of the new features being released and…

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Get a Jump on Spring: Why winter is a great time to implement software

Many people are familiar with the phrase “Winter is Coming” from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Winter in business can mean many positive things: end-of-year bonuses, holiday parties, vacations. But in my former life as an entrepreneur, winter (chiefly November 15 – February 15) was challenging to endure which is why…

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Falling in Love with NetSuite

Fall… it’s such a great time of year. The crisp, cool weather after a hot summer, beautiful color changing leaves, and everything and anything pumpkin (who loves their pumpkin spice lattes?). With Thanksgiving right around the corner, fall also brings a time to reflect on all the things for which we are thankful. Family, friends,…

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Supporting CIOs in their NetSuite Implementations

When it comes to supporting CIOs in their NetSuite implementations, Luxent’s learned a few things about the value of being a knowledgeable partner that is invested in its customers’ success: “We have a creative, responsive, people-first team that is always thinking about the customer and their success,” said Vivian Keena, Luxent CEO, in a recent…

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