The Exponential Value of Implementing Both iQ and Connect

As you are well aware by now, Luxent has a rich background in manufacturing and technology. Our consultants average 15+ years experience in the industry and have deep experience with both CRM and ERP.  After many years of providing custom services to our customers, it became obvious that there were some repeatable service needs in the market.  The first involved integrating Salesforce with backend ERP systems and the second was advanced quoting.

Since these services kept coming up time and time again, we decided to productize each of these offerings to create quicker implementation times for our customers.  The resulting products are Connect (for integrations) and iQ (for advanced quoting).

iQ was launched this past year and represents the “productization” of over a decade’s worth of experience building custom Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) systems and custom ERP configurators.  While the launch of iQ addressed a lot of the pains manufacturers face in their quoting process (notably a lack of speed, visibility, collaboration, and insight), it has been the customers who experienced exponential value from implementing both Connect and iQ that has been the most exciting this past year.

Below are three areas where the integration benefits the quoting process:

  • Quotes can be prepared for accounts and contacts that originated in the ERP system without having to do any duplicate entry in Salesforce.
  • The quote lines can include products and kits with prices that originated in the ERP system, making product and price updates incredibly easy.
  • iQ synchronizes the quote information to an opportunity in Salesforce and once the quote is accepted and the opportunity is set to “Closed Won”, the Connect synchronization automatically pushes the data to the ERP and transforms it into an order. This reduces duplicate entry and the possibility of introducing mistakes.

This integrated approach just scratches the surface of the value returned.  In future posts we will explore the massive benefit customers can now get from the Salesforce reports and dashboards by having their sales data, ERP data, and quoting data all on one platform.