Getting Clear on How Salesforce1 Community Cloud Can Help You

If you’re considering taking the plunge and implementing Salesforce1 Community Cloud (formerly Salesforce Communities), you probably have some questions about how you’ll actually tackle the planning, design, and execution of the project. Here’s a quick look at how we did it for our customer BioTek.

The first step and most important step of the project is defining what your company needs from Community Cloud. What is your current system providing? (And what is your current system not providing?) What is important to you in each category: access, security and visibility; search; configuration and design; chatter; miscellaneous. From there, determine priority. What is at the heart of the project for your company?

For BioTek, the heart of the project was the products and documents page. The other aspects of the project—Chatter, search, password resets, licenses—were important, but the ultimate issue was making sure that the products and documents pages were accessible to the appropriate internal employees, partners, and distributors, and were easily updated and maintained. With over 1,600 files, ease of maintenance was essential.

Product Page with Supporting Documents within Salesforce1 Community Cloud

Product Page with Supporting Documents within Salesforce1 Community Cloud


At the beginning of the project, Luxent dispatched some of our team—known around here as the Salesforce Experts for the Salesforce Experts—to BioTek’s headquarters to brainstorm and identify detailed requirements and begin wireframes. Based on those detailed discussions—and BioTek’s 40 specific requirements—our team developed wire frames for each section within the community.

From there, we designed each piece of the system within Salesforce, created with the standard Salesforce styling. Once each page was functionally sound, our team worked some magic so that the look and feel of the Community matched BioTek—branding, logos, colors, fonts, sub-tabs, etc.

BioTek's Home Page

BioTek’s Main Page. Notice the similar look and feel of the Salesforce1 Community Cloud page built by Luxent for BioTek.


Salesforce1 Community Cloud home page

The Salesforce1 Community Cloud page built and designed by Luxent to have a similar look and feel to the BioTek home page.


Once Luxent put each piece of the Community together and made sure it had the look and feel of BioTek’s brand, the Community was ready to go live. How did this custom Salesforce1 Community Cloud help BioTek? Look out for our next blog post to get the scoop.