lighting manufacturer chooses NetSuite ERP

Read more about Inter-lux’s journey to select and implement NetSuite in the case study.

When it comes to a major and long-term business decision like what ERP platform you’ll invest in, you first have to start by making a choice that will fit you both now and into the future. For Inter-lux, this meant assessing upwards of 75 platforms to ensure it made the right ERP decision. As you can read in our recently published NetSuite success story, it ultimately came down to choosing the ERP that had a flexible infrastructure that would make it easy to grow and scale going forward and working with a NetSuite implementation partner that could make its vision a reality.

While finding many other good ERP platforms on the market, some had legacy technology in place. Inter-lux was interested in a cloud-based platform that was accessible, flexible, and easy to use, learn, and deploy. With a bevy of SuiteApp solution developers, re-sellers and partners like Luxent that understand both legacy and cloud models, and the increasing desire from users to have consumer-like technology in their work space, choosing NetSuite became the obvious choice.

Of course, a great platform is just the beginning — implementing, customizing, and training are essential to the success of getting your NetSuite implementation right. As Mark Zaroogian, Inter-lux’s COO, found, it’s just as important to have a NetSuite implementation partner that can get the technology in place in a way that works for your business’ precise needs as it is important to be implementing the right tool: “If I did it all over again, I would have gone to Luxent right away. We needed a team that had deep manufacturing knowledge and deep NetSuite knowledge so that we could implement with an eye toward scaling for the future.”

‘Scaling for the future’ can be where some organizations get stuck, however. There’s a difference between having a software solution that’s capable of scaling and then actually being able to tap into that flexibility when needed. This is where Luxent’s approach of making customers powerful comes into play: “We learned so much from the Luxent team that we’re now able to make tweaks and changes that grow with us,” said Zaroogian.

Read more in the case study, check out our previous post on choosing the right solution partner, and connect with us to learn more about our approach to implementing and empowering.