netsuite wholesale manufacturer success storyIn our latest NetSuite success story with wholesale manufacturer Jayden Star, we dig into what it really means to get to the next level with NetSuite. As you probably already know, NetSuite is the leading cloud-based ERP platform that gives users unparalleled flexibility when it comes to customizing to meet everyday challenges. To truly leverage its abilities, however, it can be beneficial to partner with a team of experts that can help you think through the various ways customizations can support your unique business needs.

Jayden Star was already a skilled NetSuite ERP user. They had long seen the value of an ERP platform that was cloud-based, user-friendly, and highly configurable. However, as they expanded their business, as well as their NetSuite tools to include SuiteCommerce, it became clear they’d need some assistance to fully realize their ambitious plans for inter-company transactions.

The Luxent NetSuite Consulting Team joined Jayden Star in devising a solution. Stephen Tam, IT Director at Jayden Star, was impressed by the team’s desire to include Jayden Star in the design process: “With Luxent, we got a true consultative partnership, including pros and cons of different ways we could address our challenge. Not only do I feel great about the experience, I feel confident in the solution we implemented.”

Jayden Star’s experience in working with our team is indicative of our approach to all our customers’ projects: We don’t want to be your solution provider, we want to be your solution partner. Our goal is to empower users with the solutions, knowledge, and confidence they need to own their technology and solutions, long after our project winds down. That means using a truly consultative approach and including our customers in designing the solutions they’ll rely on to run their businesses.

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