Give me an M! How Manufacturers Successfully Use Salesforce

We really love helping manufacturers successfully use Salesforce. Here are some tips, best practices, and resources to help you maximize your use of the Salesforce® platform.

M | Manufacturers are using Salesforce to simplify complex processes and provide real time information from anywhere and anytime.

A | Accessibility and mobility are a challenge for any company and many manufacturers have been bogged down by their customers’ information being trapped in legacy on-premise ERP systems. Integrating Salesforce with an ERP platform allows sales staff to be be mobile and responsive by utilizing a system that is simple (leaves all the manufacturing complexities in ERP where it belongs) and is a one-stop shop for all customer history and data.

N | New business and increased sales is a critical focus are and Salesforce allows manufacturers to focus their marketing efforts on increasing new business and overall sales. Salesforce also provides the ability to target, monitor, and report ROI against marketing efforts and campaigns. (See how here.)

U | Universal user adoption of Salesforce is how top-performing companies are getting ahead. Specialized and focused training for manufacturers can help your team utilize their Salesforce toolset at its highest level.

F | Formalizing sales processes leads to much-needed pipeline visibility. With Salesforce, manufacturers finally have a tool that will help standardize and enhance sales processes across their organizations which gives increased visibility into pipeline and performance.

A |Apex Triggers allows manufacturers to create custom, automated tasks that reduce user clicks and further streamline processes. Bonus: faster processes make for empowered users that more fully adopt and leverage Salesforce.

C | Certification on the Salesforce® platform is available for admins, consultants, developers, and technical architects. Knowledgeable users and support teams make for better ROI.

T | Templates can be used to create Partner or Distributor Communities on the Salesforce Community Cloud™. A community allows you to share information with your partners securely and in real time, including opportunities and leads they are logging. (Read a Community Cloud™ case study.)

U | User Interface in Salesforce is customizable and top-performing manufacturers ensure their system’s UI is customized for specific use cases so that their users can intuitively interact with the system.

R | Reports and Dashboards are easily created in Salesforce and provide manufacturers with real-time data and metrics. (Get some quick tips for using Salesforce reports.)

E | Email Marketing tools are a great way to help nurture and build relationships. Pardot is a B2B marketing automation platform available on the Salesforce platform that makes it easy to implement and leverage email marketing. (Get started with marketing automation.)

salesforce best practices for manufacturers

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