Dreamforce 2017Dreamforce took place last week and, as always, it didn’t disappoint when it came to a big story, big ideas, and a big presence in San Francisco. Below are some highlights that got me excited about where Salesforce is going next.

More ‘C’ in CRM

We all use Salesforce to manage our key customer relationships and the Commerce Platform offers a way to tailor the shopping experience to the customer. Insights can be applied whether sales take place online or in-person, and give a more personalized, knowledgeable experience to your end-customers.

More ‘M’ in CRM

Managing distributors can be a headache, but some new apps are going to make it easier to onboard, track, and setup partnership levels all within Salesforce. If you have a community of partners, then you’ll definitely want to hear of the new ways to train, engage and inspire them to sell your products or services! And with the lightning experience, it can all be done so much faster, with a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

New and expanded – more Trailhead, more app-building, and more gamification:

  • myTrailhead: your Trailhead, brand, trails, and Trailmixes
    • Trailhead’s been around for a few years now and it just keeps getting better as a training/learning platform. New this year, it can be personalized to match a business’ brand and content so that an employee/user’s experience can be customized.
  • mySalesforce: your branded Salesforce1 app in Google Play or the App Store
    • I find Salesforce to be pretty flexible already, but mySalesforce goes to the next level to give theme and customization options to fully brand the application. Now when your employees go to download the Salesforce1 app, they’ll be looking for your company’s app/logo, because you’ll truly be able to make it your own.
  • myEinstein: every Trailblazer can build apps that incorporate artificial intelligence
  • myLightning: your apps, themes, flow, and components declaratively
  • myIoT: IoT in the Salesforce Platform


It’s all about Lightning

Many of you have heard about the Salesforce Lightning experience. With each new release, it is gaining incredible functionality and users have reported a 41% increase in productivity (that’s a lot, by the way)!  It is really focusing on what users can DO instead of just what users can VIEW.

Some Lightning highlights announced at DF17 include:

  • A Sales or Service “Console” app/view, available for free, which is built specifically for productivity with sub-tabs, a utility bar, and new component layouts (no more scrolling)!
  • A “Kanban” Opportunity view which offers better visuals and real-time updating (run your sales meeting straight from here)
  • Visually appealing dashboards and sleek reports that allow you to filter quickly and see the data you care about most

If you are not already using Lightning, you can preview it to see how it can enhance your Salesforce user experience or contact Luxent to walk you through a readiness review and talk you through a rollout strategy. You can also take a trailhead module to learn more. Pick a unit here to get started: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/modules/lex_migration_whatsnew


Finally, a big and exciting announcement was a new strategic partnership with Google. Salesforce and Google are clearly leaders when it comes to forward-thinking technology, so it’s great to see them work together. Some items that were mentioned:

  1. Google Analytics 360: Complete insights about customer journeys to drive smarter engagement
  2. G Suite by Google Cloud Integration: Real-time collaboration and higher productivity with CRM and G Suite by Google Cloud
  3. Google Cloud Platform: Salesforce available on Google Cloud Platform


I have pages and pages of notes with many other exciting announcements and product enhancements that were mentioned. If there’s one thing that’s true about Salesforce, it’s always finding innovative ways to up its game and take your company and customers to new heights!