Honoring our Veterans

Today we honor the Veterans who have dedicated their lives to serving their country and remember those who have lost their lives in battle. Stay tuned for stories about the Veteran’s close to the Luxent team.

Reggie’s family has been/is VERY involved in the military, touching almost all branches of the military including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. We are so thankful for their service!

Brooke’s grandfather was in the Air Force serving in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Here he is standing in front of the plane he captained.

Katrina’s father and uncles served our country in the Army and Navy. We are so thankful for their service! Each year on Veterans Day Katrina and her family honor our Veterans by placing flags out in her neighborhood. This morning Katrina and her kids placed over 100 flags!

Rachel’s boyfriend Bill served in the US Army Infantry Airborne. Thank you for your service Bill!

Cheryl’s husband, Edward Hoff, served with the Air Force and was stationed in Korea and Japan. Thank you Edward for your service!

Our very own Donna Barnett served in the Navy. Her family has four consecutive generations who have served starting with her grandfather (Navy), father (Air Force), brother (Navy), and nephew (Army National Guard).

Mary’s dad served in Vietnam in the Air Force, her Uncle Bob in the Navy, and her Brother in Law in the Marine Corps! We are so thankful for their service!