Monday, January 4, 2016

How to get more from your NetSuite platform in 2016

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Written by Heather Dusterberg Heather Dusterberg

As we start off a brand new year, it’s a great time to assess your NetSuite platform, how it’s working for you, and where you can continue to drive improvements in its efficiency. This way, you can implement changes now and see the results all year long. Wrapping up a great year of working with NetSuite clients, here are my top three suggestions for where to get started.

  1. Look at your most time-consuming, manual processes and see where you can automate. Just because a process “works” doesn’t mean it gets the job done efficiently. I recently worked with a client that handled most of its clerical work outside of the NetSuite platform. This led to tedious, time-consuming work that lacked visibility and hindered efficiency. All it took was a little training and setup in the system, and they were able to take hours of work down to minutes.
  2. Consider if it’s time for a refresh on your reports. Reports are probably the most prone to inefficiency because we have a tendency to ‘set and forget’ them. Ask yourself what’s changed in the past year—new KPIs? Division changes (even just in name)? New product line? I frequently see users export reports from the system only to spend hours manipulating the data in Excel to get what they actually wanted to see in the first place. The new year is a great time to marry your goals to your reports so that you see the results you want to track.
  3. Fully integrate your e-commerce solution. Oftentimes, truly integrating your ERP and your e-commerce solutions falls to a phase two (or even three) plan when it should really be done up front. Much like item one on this list, things probably work well enough to get by and meet customer needs, but is it really working the way you want and need? The fact of the matter is that customers expect a lot from an online shopping or ordering experience and you need to deliver. If your e-commerce offering is slow or cumbersome, there’s someone out there doing it better.

The best opportunity to gain efficiency in your NetSuite platform comes in really knowing the system, its capabilities, and what you need it to do. Contact our NetSuite experts with any questions, or check out our NetSuite services.

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