Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How to move between NetSuite roles faster

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Written by Cassius Kellogg Cassius Kellogg

Many NetSuite users have access to more than one NetSuite role and need to seamlessly shift between them throughout their workday. Many NetSuite consultants, administrators, and even users are assigned multiple roles within potentially multiple environments. This can be a real pain — so we made it a little easier with a Chrome extension!

The Chrome extension allows for NetSuite Users to switch between their roles and even separate environments with a couple quick keystrokes.  The Chrome plugin allows the user to quickly enter keywords to switch to the desired account without having to scroll through the long role drop-down NetSuite provides natively. It can be a tedious process to find the specific account you want to log into — now the process is effortless and a time saver.

To use the chrome plugin, simply navigate HERE within the Chrome webstore and add to Chrome.

Once enabled, you may have to log out of your NetSuite environment if you were previously logged in. After logging back in, you will be able to press the CTRL + SPACE keys to generate the role selector popup. Then you will be able to type the name of the role and/or account name to quickly locate your desired role. You can also use the “%” as a wild card to save time on typing out full account and role names.

chrome netsuite plugin

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