Monday, February 9, 2015

The Importance of the Right Solution Partner

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Written by Laura Monn Ginsburg Laura Monn Ginsburg

When it comes to making big decisions for your business (What platform should I buy? When’s the right time? Does it matter who implements it? Will it integrate with my existing systems and processes?), you can’t underestimate the importance of the right solution partner to get you across the finish line.

I had a call the other week with a rep from a company trying to sell me services. I will start off by admitting that I’m not very easy on these types of calls…I want to know pricing right away, I’ll speed you through the spiel about your company background, and I’ll interject with questions that are very specific to my needs. Basically, I’m a salesperson’s nightmare. Because I’m usually buying services with a platform, I want to know whether you can actually help me or if I’m just going to get another login I forget immediately.

On this particular call, things went downhill almost immediately when it became evident the rep 1) had done no research on my company, 2) wasn’t the right person to talk to me, and 3) wasn’t really interested in correcting the first two items. After a frustrating 20 minutes, he tersely told me that perhaps it wasn’t the right time for us to work together. You don’t say.

All this brings me to what we all know to be true–choosing the right solution partner is unbelievably critical to your ROI, project health, and sanity. And, of course, the larger the purchase or investment, the more it matters. For a while there was a strong swing toward big players with big names who could do it all. Conventional thinking was that they (whether software, services, consulting, or anything else) had big, solid teams behind them that could find a way to solve any problem.

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Choosing the right solution partner makes all the difference.

More recently, there’s been a swing the other way. Instead of letting the big guys provide what they will–and often a one-size-fits-all solution–there’s an interest in finding specialists, experts, and enthusiasts who really know a topic or trade (think of how many farmers’ markets there are around you vs. even five years ago). This is a good thing for several reasons:

  • You start on a stronger foot because you’ve been equipped with the right preparation and organization.
  • You get to the bottom of problems a lot quicker when people know where to look.
  • You can’t underestimate how far genuine enthusiasm and know-how goes in finding creative solutions to problems, staying engaged in a project, and ensuring you’re set up for success.

Luxent was built to provide an different option when it came to finding the right solutions and services partner. If you’re frustrated like I am with calls like the one I described, it might be time to look for someone who specializes in exactly what you need so that you get the right solution partner for your company. Learn more about our manufacturing and distribution-focused solutions and services.

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