The Future of Manufacturing: Re-skill for Growth

In a recent article on Forbes, the author shares thoughts coming out of the 2019 World Economic Forum where the question of how technology is replacing workers was faced head on. The bottom line? We need to re-skill for growth. The excellent report, Towards a Reskilling Revolution: A Future of Jobs for All, highlights the double-edged sword of…

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Where ERP is going next

I spent the beginning of this week at a robotics conference where I was surrounded by everything from surgical robots to lawn-mowing robots to telepresence robots and everything in between. It was a high-energy, full-immersion way to experience all that technology can do for us. After spending 10+ years marketing enterprise software to manufacturers, however,…

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2017 Technology and Manufacturing Trends Round-up

Welcome to the last week of December when the best-of, year-in-review, looking-ahead, and every other type of list comes out to summarize the current year, toss a bow on it, and move on to the next. ‘Tis the season, after all! While there’s no shortage of places to find these sorts of articles (some links below for…

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ERP Trends Put the User First

erp user experience

There was a great post on SearchManufacturing ERP this week about ERP trends and what business leaders need to think about as they strategize for continued growth. The top four trends mentioned in the post–UX/UI prioritization, integration, collaboration, and customer interaction–stood out to me because they all underscore how technology is taking the user into…

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Manufacturing in 2015 – Poised for Growth

manufacturing 2015 growth

A recent post from Industry Week shared some key predictions for manufacturing in 2015 and the trend is overall very positive. After years of difficulty due to the recession and then the recovery from the recession, it looks like manufacturing in 2015 will be poised for steady growth. Among the top six predictions included in the article were…

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3 Ways to Keep Up with Manufacturing Industry Growth

manufacturing industry growth

Not too long ago I posted an article with data from the Labor Department saying the economy–and manufacturing–was improving. It looks like there’s more good news this week with a report coming from Markit (via Manufacturing Leadership) showing that the U.S. manufacturing industry growth rate is growing faster than it has in four years. Obviously, this is…

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Good News for Manufacturers – If you’re ready for it, that is

Some good news crossed my desk today from Manufacturing Business Technology: The report Friday from the Labor Department signaled that the U.S. economy is steadily strengthening and outpacing struggling countries in Europe and Asia. U.S. consumers are showing more confidence. Auto sales have surged. Manufacturers are expanding steadily.  Obviously, this is great to hear. As…

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