iQ CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

The Only CPQ
Built For Manufacturers & Distributors

iQ Configure, Price, Quote is an advanced quoting application built specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors. Built in the cloud, iQ CPQ brings flexibility, speed, and industry insight together into a solution that's easy to implement and easy to use.

When you're looking for an affordable advanced quoting solution that meets the needs of even the most complex, configured, or engineered-to-order products, iQ CPQ is it. Built by industry, cloud, and application experts, iQ offers deep functionality that goes beyond one-size-fits-all quoting solutions to deliver an easy and intuitive experience that results in faster, more accurate quotes for customers. 

iQ is Fast

Quickly create accurate quotes that easily handle and compute complex and configured products. With a clear visibility to margin, cross-sell, and up-sell information, as well as guided selling functionality, reps are able to quickly navigate the entire quote building, approval, and sending process. 

iQ is Collaborative

Ditch the manual templates and processes that slow quote turnaround times by connecting sales, engineering, and logistics to improve speed and accuracy throughout your quoting process. Workflow automation, approval rules, and CRM integration make it easy to collaborate, approve, and send. 

iQ is Intuitive

Easily navigate and master the cloud-based interface built with simplicity−and the user–in mind. Products, kits, and price-breaks can be added on the fly, and related activities such as creating, viewing, and editing can be accessed directly from the quoting screen to save time and increase efficiency.  

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