iQ CPQ Solution

iQ CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

iQ Configure, Price, Quote is a full estimating, configuration, and quoting solution available on either the Salesforce or Netsuite cloud platforms. Built to handle complex and configured quotes, iQ CPQ makes it faster and easier to build and deliver compelling quotes and detailed proposals to customers.

  • Estimate, quote, and create full proposals through an intuitive, user-friendly, cloud application
  • Improve quoting accuracy and efficiency
  • Configure, customize, bundle, and approve from either your ERP or CRM platform
  • Extend quoting to customers and partners
  • Collaborate between employees, partners, customers, and vendors.

Key features of iQ CPQ

Product Configurator

  • Rules-driven configuration interface allows your to quote standard or unique custom products
  • Build and tailor standard or custom kits
  • Construct detailed multi-level bill of materials and routings
  • Handles complex calculations, dependencies, and field update rules

Guided Selling

  • Provides an easy-to-follow process for generating quotes and proposals
  • Helps sales reps position the right products for the customer
  • Clearly highlights up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Dynamically calculates margin and profitability
  • Makes the selling process faster and more lucrative

Industry Functionality

For Manufacturers

  • Custom on-the-fly products
  • Product configuration and estimating
  • Indented BOMs and routing

For Distributors 

  • Guided Selling
  • Multiple price lists
  • Tiered discounting
  • Optional products, bundled products

For Software and Service Providers

  • License and subscription pricing
  • User bundling
  • Optional module selection
  • Contract Pricing & duration
  • Resource rates


Built for NetSuite Seamless access through your NetSuite Cloud ERP Platform: all behind one log on, available anytime through the NetSuite network, easy to setup and administer by your system admin.

Native on Salesforce Access through your Salesforce CRM platform: one log on, available from any device, easy to setup and administer by any Salesforce Administrator.