iQ CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

The Only Salesforce Native CPQ
Built For Manufacturers & Distributors

Luxent’s iQ CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution was designed with manufacturers in mind and speed and simplicity at its core. iQ makes it easy to create, approve, and send quotes to customers, particularly for manufacturers and distributors with complex or configured products.

Read more about the power of iQ CPQ, the only CPQ built for manufacturers and distributors.

Built by Industry Experts

Luxent has over 700 manufacturing customers worldwide and our consultants have an average of 8+ years of ERP or Salesforce consulting experience and over 15 years of manufacturing experience. iQ CPQ is the result of decades’ worth of experience in working with manufacturers to design solutions that meet their specific business needs around creating, customizing, and sending compelling quotes that earn customers' business.

Flexible Design

iQ CPQ is built to offer flexibility at each step of the quoting process. Using an intuitive administration console, you can easily define your product catalog, pricing promotions, discounting, lists of related products, workflows, and approvals. You can easily customize the look of your quote acknowledgment form with our template builder, or use the advanced proposal generator for even greater control and design capabilities.

Business Process Alignment

Luxent’s staff of Salesforce experts, technical consultants, architects, and project managers work directly with you to understand your current sales process and then map out an implementation plan to ensure iQ CPQ fits seamlessly within your key processes, enabling you to get the best return from your CPQ investment in addition to faster and more successful user adoption.

Intuitive User Interface

In order to provide the best user experience for advanced quoting, Luxent designed an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. While built as a 100% application that runs on the Salesforce1 platform, iQ CPQ breaks the traditional mold of Salesforce rows and columns giving end users a fast, simple, quoting experience. Users are able to quickly learn and master the iQ CPQ application.

Complex Pricing and Product Support

Manufacturers struggle with standard quoting due to their complex pricing and products. iQ CPQ is built with this complexity in mind and is a solution that easily supports multiple price lists, tiered discounting, various discounting policies, optional products, bundled products, on-the-fly products, and more. Read Westmor's iQ case study to learn how they've streamlined quoting. 

Unique Product Configurator

iQ CPQ has a rules-driven configurator interface that allows you to quote unique and custom products. iQ’s configurator handles complex calculations, dependencies between questions, and business logic allowing you to quote configured products quickly and accurately. Check out Beracah Homes' iQ case study and learn how they tackle custom home quoting using iQ CPQ.

iQ is Fast

  • Implement quickly and increase user adoption with an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-learn intuitive user experience
  • Gain instant visibility to up-sell/cross-sell products, pricing, and comprehensive product information including images, attributes, and inventory status
  • Leverage Drawloop integration technology to quickly add in media elements  
  • Increase the speed of quote creation with guided selling and one-click document generation

iQ is Smart

  • Create accurate complex product configurations and pricing rules without coding
  • Gain clear margin, cross-sell and upsell visibility to maximize revenue and profit
  • See accurate forecast, pipeline, inventory, and projected revenue
  • Integrate to ERP for full end-to-end visibility
  • Maximize profitability using a target margin price calculator, defined markup pricing in price lists, and rules-based markup pricing
  • Integrate e-signature capability to speed up turnaround time

iQ is Simple

  • Navigate easily through the intuitive user interface
  • Create quotes for complex, configured, and custom products with rules-based pricing, discounts, and flexible Product Configurator
  • Add products, kits, and price breaks on the fly
  • Create, view, and edit related activities without leaving the quote section
  • Save time by quoting products that are regularly repeated such as subscriptions or maintenance contracts
  • Style and format quote document templates in an easy to use WYSIWYG editor

iQ is Social

  • Leverage Salesforce Chatter to collaborate instantly
  • Implement real-time collaboration between departments, vendors, and customers for rapid approvals
  • Connect sales, engineering, and logistics to improve speed, process, and accuracy

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