What do you do for a living?

We have all been asked, “What do you do?” When we answer that question, depending on whom it is you are responding to, the answer can be received and translated in a variety of different ways and with multiple meanings. For example, my mother -in-law introduces me as an insurance broker. My father says, “She travels all over the world, visits all types of businesses….I think she’s in the CIA.” My husband says I work in the cloud. All those different interpretations from my response: “I am a Salesforce Consultant with Luxent.”

Since my work is in the cloud, my husband gets a few points, begrudgingly.

I haven’t always been a consultant. I grew up in corporate jobs, a place where you find yourself attending staff meetings in a conference room and watching power point presentations that provided you with valuable data related to your product line, profits, etc. Data was usually weeks old with action plans needing to be defined, tested, and agreed upon before implementation. Information was difficult to access and often needed the help of gate keepers or programmers to extract. Your response time to peers and clients was generally discussed in terms of days or weeks. Today, we speak in terms of hours, sometimes minutes. Access to data is more often than not – expected to be in real time – from devices that provide us access any time, any place.

I recently watched a Ted Talk about the future of education based in the cloud. In the presentation, they suggest that future jobs will include work wherever, whenever, and however we want. They demonstrated how students were learning by collaborating with others globally. For me, this idea is not the future, it is today. Being a Salesforce Consultant, I am helping companies collaborate timely and efficiently. At Luxent, we design processes and procedures so businesses can work wherever, whenever, and however they want. Managing Luxent’s Connect ERP Integration product with Salesforce, I am implementing solutions that bring information to our customers when and how they need it.

I love my job: working with Salesforce and Luxent Technology Solution’s Connect product allows me to work with many different businesses, great people, and with technology that is bringing us into the future. Have to be honest, I do encourage my father’s suspicions.

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