iQ Configure, Price, Quote application guides users to configure, customize, and quote faster and with more accuracy

August 27, 2015 – Aliso Viejo, CA: Luxent, the leading CRM and ERP solution and service provider that brings the best of the cloud to manufacturers, today announced that its upcoming release of the iQ Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application includes significant enhancements to its Guided Selling functionality.

“Technology solutions need to be simple and intuitive,” said Vivian Keena, Luxent CEO. “Quoting is such an integral part of a manufacturer’s business—especially for custom and complex items. Salespeople need to be empowered to create fast, accurate, and professional quotes.”

Available in the latest release of iQ CPQ (Generally Available September 2015), guided selling offers companies a way to control the sales process in order to make reps more successful. “During the quoting process, it’s important for sales reps to position the right product or solution,” explained Jeff Underdahl, VP Product Innovation and Technical Sales. “Guided Selling does exactly that by providing an environment that directs the sales representative to the proper products for each customer.”

“Any company that sends custom quotes knows that it can be difficult for newer salespeople—and even experienced ones—to ensure they’re not misquoting or misconfiguring a product,” Underdahl continued. “With guided selling in iQ CPQ, the administrator can customize the rep’s selling experience to tailor the right products with the right options to meet the customer’s requirements.”

iQ is the leading CPQ solution for manufacturers and distributors. Available via the Salesforce AppExchange, iQ CPQ is a robust Configure, Price, Quote application built specifically to meet the quoting needs of manufacturers, distributors, and those with configured or complex items to quote.

For more information on iQ CPQ, visit the Salesforce AppExchange.




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