Extends effectiveness and usability of Salesforce Communities with seamless iQ CPQ integration 

May 20, 2015 – Aliso Viejo, CA: Luxent, the leading CRM and ERP solution and service provider that brings the best of the cloud to manufacturers, today announced that it has added its iQ Configure, Price, Quote application to Salesforce Communities.

“As our Salesforce customers continue to find more ways to extend their use of the Salesforce platform, Luxent has continued to expand our solutions to meet their needs,” explained Vivian Keena, Luxent CEO. “The Salesforce Community cloud is a powerful tool for Salesforce users to build custom portals for their partners and customers. With iQ, Luxent’s 100% Salesforce-native estimating and quoting CPQ application, available to customers and partners within Communities, Luxent can offer a key technical differentiator to our clients.”

The Salesforce Community Cloud was built to bring together communities of partners, customers and employees so that resources and collaboration are seamlessly available on the Salesforce platform. “Working with so many manufacturing and distribution companies, we see a large need to help teams of people collaborate to be more effective,” Keena said. “Everyone’s trying to work smarter and faster and the Salesforce platform is an ideal starting point given its accessibility and usability. Now that we’ve brought in the iQ application, it’s easier for partner teams to leverage the same seamless solutions so that across the board they can reduce errors, access consistent information, and provide a quicker turnaround to end-customers.”

Available via the Salesforce AppExchange, iQ CPQ is a robust configure, price, quote application built specifically to meet the quoting needs of manufacturers, distributors, and those with configured or complex items to quote to customers. “iQ is a unique player in the CPQ market because it was truly built to streamline the quoting process for businesses that have custom and complex items to create for customers,” said Keena.

To learn more about Luxent’s iQ Configure, Price, Quote tool for Salesforce Communities, visit https://luxent.com.



Press Contact

Laura Monn Ginsburg