Why manufacturers choose to integrate their ERP system with Salesforce.com

There is very little debate that Salesforce is the ideal solution to combine business processes, people, and technology to achieve the important goal of acquiring and retaining customers. But for manufacturers, there’s typically a host of other systems that are critical to their business or are the legacy applications that exist merely because the company has been around for a while. Typical examples of these legacy systems include ‘behind the firewall’ CRM applications, proprietary quoting and billing systems, or even spreadsheets that they’d simply like to capture in a ‘real’ system. While Salesforce is a perfect solution to consolidate these legacy systems, there’s always an ERP system that stores critical customer, product, supply chain, employee and financial information that is the cornerstone of their manufacturing operations.

As a result, many manufacturers want to tie Salesforce to their ERP so that certain customer information from the ERP system is available to sales in their application of choice: Salesforce.com. Examples include historical order data, invoicing history, shipments and/or returns made. Typically, for most ERP systems, making this type of data visible to sales has two primary challenges – either 1) the ERP system doesn’t support the mobile or remote access required by sales people that travel frequently, particularly to perform complex quoting requirements; or 2) the cost to procure licenses for the ERP system for sales people is too great. In effect, by integrating the ERP system with Salesforce.com, they’re able to provide a complete picture of a customer to sales in a single interface while also performing all sales functions in the Salesforce.com environment. What’s more, if they can push quoting into Salesforce.com and remove those ERP licenses used in sales to enter quotes into the ERP system, they can typically reduce their ERP licensing and maintenance expenses.

How does Luxent help integrate ERP systems with Salesforce.com? Simply put, we’ve got the right people and the right products to integrate ERP systems to Salesforce.com quickly and cost effectively.

  • Our consultants have an average of 15+ years manufacturing experience and 8+ years ERP and/ or Salesforce.com experience.
  • We have developed a pre-packaged integration product, Connect, which makes for a rapid deployment with a short services engagement. We did the heavy lifting up-front, so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel in every engagement.

So if you have a manufacturer that wants to give greater customer insight to their sales people, reduce ERP licensing expenses, or make critical ERP data available on mobile devices, let us know. In the last 12 months we have completed over 30 rapid Salesforce.com/ERP integrations.

Information on our integration solution can be found on our site.