Manufacturers Increase Sales Effectiveness with CPQ

In previous blog entries we took a look at the top reasons why manufactures choose a CPQ solution. In this post we will focus on the top reason listed, “To increase sales effectiveness and spend more time selling”. Ultimately, how can manufacturers benefit and increase sales by implementing a configure price quote (CPQ) system like iQ? Let’s first start by drilling down on the challenges manufacturers are facing using their current systems for quoting.

There is no doubt that people are resistant to change, and if they have a process and system in place that they have built from the ground up and used for a number of years, it is difficult to walk away from no matter how cumbersome and potentially limiting that system is. More often than not massive Excel spreadsheets, PDF product catalogs, and/or Access databases are being used as part of the quoting process. These are either being used in some combination of each other or used alongside a disconnected CRM or ERP system. Having a quoting system like that which is not directly connected with your CRM and ERP system typically results in duplicate entry, bottlenecks, poor adoption and a lack of visibility.

Adding speed, simplicity, real time collaboration and an integrated system to your quoting process instantly makes your sales teams more involved and productive and increases overall visibility of your quoting process. With a CPQ system built into Salesforce and tied to your backend ERP you can enable a broader audience to participate in the quoting process and generate quotes. It no longer has to be the individual who built the Excel spreadsheet or Access database or the one who has the ERP license that needs to generate the quote, the entire sales team who has access to Salesforce can now create quotes quickly and accurately. With integration between Salesforce and your ERP system you remove the need for duplicate entry of orders as your quotes close and you also ensure you have up to date product, bundling, pricing and discounting information pulled in and available from your back end system.

Removing potential bottlenecks and disconnected systems and streamlining the quoting process via CPQ increases sales effectiveness and allows for more selling — ultimately leading to — more revenue!

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