NetSuite SuiteAnswers Courses and Documentation: NetSuite Administrator

One training resource is the NetSuite Learning Portal. Check with your NetSuite administrator to gain access to the portal for courses: Getting Started, By Product, By Role, By Task, and more. You can take the courses independently. 

Administrator Role Courses

Curriculum TitleLength
Accounting Series – Allocations54 min 
Accounting Series – Fixed Asset Management1 hour 
Advanced PDF/HTML Templates: Customizing Printouts and Emails2 hours 32 min 
Advanced Revenue Management Essentials2 hours 1 min 
Automation Series: Creating Dynamic Workflows with Logic Introduction1 hour 
Data Integration Series: CSV Imports – Entities43 min 
ERP Fundamentals8 hours 42 min 
Fixed Assets Management53 min 
Inventory Item Costing2 hours 57 min 
Manufacturing Fundamentals10 hours 37 min 
NetSuite Certification: Administrator Exam Preparation6 hours 39 min 
NetSuite Administration Fundamentals5 hours 41 min 
Project Management Series: NetSuite Environments Overview29 min 
SuiteAnalytics Workbook: Datasets and Visualization7 hours 7 min 
SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches19 hours 35 min 
SuiteFlow: Advanced Workflows4 hours 35 min 
SuiteFlow: Fundamentals22 hours 21 min 

Administrator Role Resources

TitleCourse Type
Core Administrator PermissionsHelp Topic Article 
NetSuite Account AdministratorHelp Topic Article 
Account Administration OverviewHelp Topic Article 
Publish Dashboard PermissionsHelp Topic Article 
NetSuite: New Release ProcessVideo 
NetSuite Basics: Advanced Employee Permissions Parts 1-4Video 
NetSuite Access OverviewHelp Topic Article 
Users and RolesHelp Topic Article 
NetSuite Sandbox FAQHelp Topic Article 
Granting Access to your Sandbox AccountHelp Topic Article 
Dashboard FAQHelp Topic Article 
Guidelines for NetSuite AdministratorsHelp Topic Article 
Initial Implementation of NetSuiteHelp Topic Article 

Additional Resources:

NetSuite Education Services

NetSuite Certification Services

If you or your team has any questions about NetSuite Administrator courses please reach out to the Luxent team.