New Year’s Resolutions (You Can Keep) from Salesforce Experts

salesforce resolutions

Time to get those New Year’s resolutions made! How will you improve your Salesforce platform in 2016?
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Ah, New Year’s Eve–a wonderful time to reflect on a year coming to a close and make plans for a better year ahead. Personally, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions because I find it hard to stick to them or even put them into motion. That said, I do believe there’s a lot of value in them because a solid New Year’s resolution is all about reflection and goal setting–it just comes down to making actionable, measurable, do-able resolutions. With that in mind, how about some actionable, measurable, do-able resolutions for your Salesforce platform? I asked some of our best and brightest Salesforce experts to weigh in, and here are their resolutions to make your Salesforce platform better in 2016:

Resolution #1: Stick to measurable goals that hold teams accountable.

Users in each functional role in Salesforce should come together to create one “stretch” goal for their team that will directly impact the bottom line (For example: decreasing initial lead or case response time by 20%). Get a leaderboard set up (with Admin help) and throw in some prizes to make it fun and stick with the New Year’s resolution spirit. Having a laser focus on one clear initiative will be motivating and fresh for each team.
– Meredith Kleinow

Resolution #2: Leverage Chatter as more than a social utility.

Chatter isn’t social media for business; it’s a collaboration tool that not only eliminates many pointless emails, but also puts your internal communication on the relevant records within Salesforce. While there’s plenty of room for fun with Chatter, don’t overlook the bigger business benefits.
– Dan Ervin

Resolution #3: Utilize report functionality.

Utilize the report functionality! You can do so much with the Report Builder and Dashboards and that can make it really overwhelming (and under-utilized) which is unfortunate because it’s such a great, uncomplicated way to get valuable data. Work with your Admin or superusers to dive into reports and dashboards because you may find holes in what you’re reporting and the start of the year is the time to fix it.
– Jessica Perone 

Hopefully this gets you started on some great resolutions for your Salesforce platform in 2016. If you’re looking for more ideas to maximize your platform, feel free to reach out to our Salesforce Experts anytime or check out some of our fantastic Salesforce resources created by Salesforce experts for Salesforce experts.