Pardot: Creating Superheroes

Ever since I’ve been at Luxent, my boss (and Marketing Director), has said, “Marketers wear capes!” We’re big believers in being the superheroes that get stuff done, and help our products and services—our company—look as good as they really are. We work hard to make sure our messaging is clear and that we tell our story in an honest and compelling way.

Sometimes, when we’re feeling particularly proud about something we, or a co-worker, have done, we’ll simply say, “Capes.” Or, on Salesforce’s Chatter, we’ll post a picture with #capes.

But #capes got a lot more fun when we got to Dreamforce. We got to the hotel and Laura, my boss, had a gift for me: my very own cape!

Pardot Marketing Automation Makes Us Superheroes

Since we’re both Lauras, we have nicknames so that folks can distinguish between the Lauras: L1 and L2. So, my cape has an L2 on the back and hers has the L1. (We’re secretly hoping the next addition to our team is also named Laura so we can have an L3 on the team.) When we saw Pardot’s infographic about superheroes last week, we figured people should see our capes.

What do we do in order to earn our capes? At Luxent, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best cloud-based tools in order to run their businesses smarter, faster, and better. We use some of those same cloud-based tools ourselves in order to see the same great return on investment: Salesforce, iQ CPQ, Olark, and Pardot are some of our favorite tools.

Of these, Pardot is our most-used secret sauce to earning our capes. Here are a few reasons why:

Email marketing. We used another email marketing platform before, and Pardot’s is significantly better. While we still crave improvements to the Email Editor, having a marketing automation platform that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce is very important to us, for keeping track of prospects and clients in Salesforce, and monitoring campaigns in Salesforce.

Landing pages and forms. Being able to create landing pages within minutes, complete with a corresponding form—where we can then set up completion actions to automate lead assignment, campaign status updates, alerts, etc.—is huge for everything we put up on our website: webinar pages, event pages, downloadable resources, and more.

One-stop shop. In one place, thanks to connectors and integration, we can see conversations we’ve had with prospects through our website’s Olark client, and we can see that conversation in the prospect record in Olark. Like how others use Hootsuite, we set up and schedule our Tweets and LinkedIn posts within the Olark social page. With Pardot’s reporting, we can track our social posts to determine which campaigns and posts were the most successful. We can create custom redirects for pages and files for improved reporting.

Pardot has become integral to what we do and how we do it here at Luxent. If you’re considering Pardot, one of the questions becomes, What will you put on your cape?


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