Pardot: Webinar Registration Made Seamless

When I joined Luxent, I knew nothing about marketing automation and had never heard of Pardot–nor could I pronounce it correctly–but Pardot was implemented a month before I started and I was game to learn. One bit of advice I received was to use Pardot to create an easier, more seamless experience for our webinar promotion.

Initially, when promoting a webinar, we sent our customers to our GoToWebinar link, where all the information for the webinar was hosted in order to register. While that plan worked fine, sending prospects away from our page was less than ideal. We wanted to create a more seamless user experience for our customers within our own site—using our branding, our site layout, navigation bar, etc.—and Pardot helped us achieve that.

Pardot Marketing Automation Makes Webinar Registration Easier

First, we created a landing page. Within Pardot, we used our standard layout template and wrote copy for the upcoming webinar. We built a form specifically for the landing page, and selected that form for use. This kept everything a customer needed to know about the webinar within one screen–including the ability to register for the webinar.

Pardot Marketing Automation Makes Landing Page for Webinar Easier


Completion actions are where Pardot really made things interesting. In one fell swoop, we can:

  • Register the prospect for the appropriate webinar (thanks to the GoToWebinar connector for both Salesforce and Pardot)
  • Assign the prospect to the appropriate internal employee for tracking and follow up
  • Notify the assigned user of the registration, if requested
  • Add prospect to a webinar registrants list for follow up
  • Add prospect to the appropriate campaign
  • Change the prospect’s Lead Source in to “Webinar” to appropriately track lead source for campaign/source attribution

Pardot Marketing Automation and Completion Actions

There are countless other ways that Pardot and marketing automation can make your job easier, but we especially like being able to offer our customers a more seamless user experience on our website, while making sure the important details–webinar registration, lead source attribution, etc.–still happen in the background.