Aasonn Salesforce Custom Portal Success Story

AasonnCaseBookNaperville, IL USA
Systems and Technology Services
150-499 Employees

Aasonn is a global systems and technology services consulting firm that operates first and foremost out of the cloud. Aasonn was created as a cloud-based consulting firm and delivers cloud-based Talent Management and Business Execution software solutions for customers across multiple SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud Solutions. The company built its reputation as a cloud solutions consultancy and is recognized by SuccessFactors as its most experienced implementation partner in the world. Working from the cloud enables fluid, accessible, and affordable flexibility that allows Aasonn to help businesses thrive and reach new pinnacles of success.

“I spend a large amount of time working with Aasonn’s consultants and customers alike inside our custom Ticketing portal and have found it to be built with nearly every detail in mind of what our consultants face on a day-to-day basis. I love that the portal was designed and strategized in such a simple way that almost anyone logging in can find their way around with ease.”

Lindsay Strezewski – Salesforce Administrator


Aasonn came to Luxent to help streamline a successful Salesforce implementation. After initially taking on the project internally, Aasonn found that they were pressed for time with competing initiatives, leaving their Salesforce implementation progressing slowly. Aasonn’s biggest challenges included:

  • Needing to successfully complete its Salesforce implementation
  • Building a centralized place for customers to enter requests for consulting time
  • Creating a place for contracts to be submitted and housed


Through the Manufacturing Quick Start for Salesforce, Luxent’s Salesforce experts were able to help Aasonn complete its Salesforce implementation project by:

  • Working with the Aasonn team to determine the optimal configuration of Salesforce for its users
  • Creating a Salesforce Customer Community to store contracts
  • Creating a self-service place for customers to request consulting time
A screenshot of the ticketing portal.

A screenshot of the ticketing portal.


  • Luxent implemented and configured Salesforce to meet Aasonn’s precise needs
  • The Community provides a customer ticketing system and a place to capture contracts
  • The Community is simple, straightforward, and easy to use
  • Due to the success of the Community, Luxent created an additional custom Community, Premier Support, which caters to Aasonn’s largest customers as a more advanced version of the existing Community

“Working with Luxent has been so easy. Our consultant, Chad, is always on the ball providing constant communication updates along with strategy advice on all fronts of our SFDC platform and, most importantly, making sure projects are rolled out by deadline.”