BioTek’s Salesforce Community Cloud™ Success Story

BioCaseBookWinooski, VT, USA
Medical Device Manufacturing

BioTek Instruments, Inc., is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of microplate instrumentation and software used to aid in the advancement of life science research and to facilitate the drug discovery process. BioTek’s instrumentation provides rapid and cost-effective analysis to enable sensitive and accurate quantification of a wide range of molecules across diverse applications.

The biggest feedback we hear from our users is how easy it is to find information, especially in comparison to what they had before. It’s very, very easy. It’s very organized, and has very strong search capability. It’s very easy to access the site, and everyone likes the fact that they can see everything on their tablets, iPads, and iPhones in a much easier way than they could before.”

Deb Farnham – Director, Marketing and Sales Operations at BioTek


  • An out-of-date portal: BTResource had existed as a Microsoft-based website for over a decade. Users who added and managed content had to use a cumbersome and outdated tool no longer supported by Microsoft. The portal existed primarily to manage and distribute documents associated with products, pricing, marketing, images, etc.
  • Lack of flexibility and collaboration: Security was not flexible, documents a group of people did not have access to would still show, just be unavailable for download. The current portal was also a one-way street; BioTek could push information out via the portal but there was no collaboration back.
  • Difficulty finding documents: While documents were displayed on pages, users had no way to search the site for a particular document. Also, images were available for download but could not be previewed


  • Build out and customize Salesforce Libraries for document management
  • Create a custom Salesforce Community Cloud™ for Employees, Distributors, and Partners
  • Custom Community Cloud™ styling to match the BioTek brand
  • Granular security options available for particular user profiles as well as overrides for particular companies, if necessary
Product Page for BioTek's Salesforce Communities

Product Page for BioTek’s Salesforce Community


  • User-friendly, mobile-friendly Salesforce Community Cloud™
  • Easily maintained system–uploads and updates are just a few clicks away (no HTML coding required)
  • Vastly improved search capabilities; with all the documents in one place, any document or file is easy to find
  • Over 2000 documents now available to Community Cloud™ users
  • Dynamic home page provided to show users new and updated documents, special messages, and useful links
  • Collaboration is easy, as users are added to Chatter groups automatically based on their profile
  • Performance increase in download times
Product Page with Supporting Documents within Salesforce Communities

Product Page with Supporting Documents

Luxent was really responsive when they came on site for discussions, and had creative ideas about ways to solve some challenges that we were presenting to them.”