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Distributors of Technical Tapes, Adhesives, and Packaging

FineCal supplies technical tapes, adhesives, abrasives, and general packaging products. Working closely with major manufacturers such as 3M, Bostik, Jiffy, Advance, BPI; and in industries spanning aerospace, electronics, and automotive, FineCal has served thousands of customers for over 50 years.

“What’s stood out most is the communication of the team. Not only is Luxent highly responsive, they proactively kept us informed and involved as we customized the iQ environment for FineCal.”
– Nick Searle, Sales Manager


After using Salesforce for six years, FineCal needed to improve its quoting process while staying within its cloud-based CRM platform. “Our quoting was not only happening in five different ways, it was completely decentralized,” said Nick Searle, Sales Manager at FineCal. “There was no visibility to what others were doing: quotes were going out in email attachments, price breaks and margin calculations were happening on scratch paper, and we couldn’t even report on how many quotes we were sending.” With no control, visibility, nor flexibility to meet customers’ specifications quickly and easily, quoting was a manual, cumbersome experience. “When it took two hours to find a price list emailed to a customer before the salesperson went on holiday, I said, ‘This is ridiculous,’” recounted Searle.

FineCal’s Key Solution Requirements:
  • Improve visibility
  • Centralize and standardize processes
  • Easier and more thorough reporting
  • Intuitive to use


In searching for a quoting solution, Searle and team started with a Salesforce World Tour event in London. They were quick to dismiss solutions that were cost-prohibitive or tailored to larger companies with more generic quoting needs. “iQ fit the bill,” said Searle. “It’s simple to use but automates a lot of complexity in our business.” iQ Configure, Price, Quote is a Salesforce-native advanced quoting application that was built to meet the unique challenges of manufacturers, distributors, services companies, and other industries with highly configured or complex quoting needs.

Through the implementation of iQ CPQ, the Luxent team worked to meet FineCal’s specific needs. “What’s stood out most is the communication of the team,” said Searle. “Not only is Luxent highly responsive, they proactively kept us informed and involved as we customized the iQ environment for FineCal.”


The most profound result from the implementation of iQ has been the increased visibility. “It’s so easy to find quotes, build quotes, and send quotes,” said Searle. “I used to listen to the team shout to one another asking who was quoting which customer, who had old quote from a customer – now we are all empowered to search, find, tweak, and send.”

Key results include:
  • In the first seven weeks, FineCal produced 250+ quotes
  • The entire team, including sales and customer service, is fully up and running iQ
  • Margin calculation is easy and has adjustable parameters that provide visual cues to reps
  • Quotes can be built in three minutes vs. formerly 10-15 minutes pre-iQ

“To get rid of paper is to get rid of errors,” said Searle. “I’m glad that we took the time to evaluate our options and find a technology and a partner that met our needs and made us successful.”

“The fact that we’ve been able to automate quoting is a massive step forward for FineCal. It’s unquantifiable really – the time we’re saving, the headaches we’re saving – it’s revolutionizing our business.”
– Nick Searle