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Custom Lighting Manufacturer & Distributor

Inter-lux manufactures and distributes LED lighting tools and solutions in North America using high quality architectural designs that reflect the best of international design and detail, all delivered by an American company.  Working with businesses, libraries, schools, and others, Inter-lux partners with a nationwide network of sales agencies, architects, and designers to serve customers of all sizes and needs.

“NetSuite had the right balance of managing professional aspects of the business while giving us the capabilities to do the actual manufacturing.”
– Mark Zaroogian, Inter-lux COO


With three different software platforms, a growing business, and the need for a system that could be flexible enough to keep up with a make-to-order business, Inter-lux needed an ERP that could do it all. “We want to be focused completely on our customers and our products,” said Mark Zaroogian, Inter-lux COO. “That meant we needed an ERP system that could streamline our operations, scale with our growth, and give us the autonomy to tailor and optimize to fit our business. In the end, that was NetSuite.”

Inter-lux’s Key ERP Solution Requirements
  • Cloud-based
  • Flexible
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Easy to implement, use, and adopt
  • Ecosystem of partners that could help with implementation, customization, and future application needs


Choosing an ERP platform to replace a CRM, inventory management system, and QuickBooks, wasn’t something Inter-lux took on lightly. “We scoured the market,” said Zaroogian. “I looked at upwards of 75 ERP platforms to make sure we were knowledgeable about the market and made the right decision for the business.”

NetSuite and another leading ERP were the final contestants. In the end, it came down to the technology stack. “NetSuite had the right balance of managing professional aspects of the business while giving us the capabilities to do the actual manufacturing,” explained Zaroogian. Additionally, Inter-lux was looking ahead to its future needs: “The ecosystem around NetSuite is going to be far more extensive than legacy ERP providers and that gives us peace of mind that we will be able to find consulting and application partners that are building flexible solutions on a flexible Cloud platform.”

Choosing the Right Partner

Selecting the right ERP platform is only the first step, however. Next, you need to choose the right partner to help you implement it—and this was where Inter-lux initially hit a snag.

“If I did it all over again, I would have gone to Luxent right away,” said Zaroogian. “We needed a team that had deep manufacturing knowledge and deep NetSuite knowledge so that we could implement with an eye toward scaling for the future.”

Once the Luxent team started working with Inter-lux, it was clear that Inter-lux was getting more than ERP optimization. “Being ‘innovative’ gets thrown around a lot, but Luxent truly is an innovative partner that was able to think about optimizing our system in ways we didn’t think were possible,” explained Zaroogian. “Their solutions were quick to implement which meant we saw results right away.”

Essential to Luxent’s philosophy is its focus on user experience, both during consulting projects as well as for the end-users of the platform. As Zaroogian observed, this meant the Inter-lux team didn’t just get a working solution, they learned how to keep building on it themselves: “The value we get from Luxent is high-end innovation that lets us do the work to make it a reality. We learned so much from the Luxent team that we’re now able to make tweaks and changes that grow with us.”



Live on NetSuite since late 2016, Inter-lux is already seeing results in its efficiency. “Moving to NetSuite was a big culture shift but seeing the commitment from our team as well as seeing the Luxent team’s solutions and ideas helped get everyone on board and seeing the value of moving to NetSuite,” said Zaroogian.

Key results include:
  • Saving 20-25 hours/week on commissions processing
  • Efficiencies in human capital as employees move away from administrative tasks and focus on customers and products
  • Managing all contacts in NetSuite
  • Running the entire manufacturing and distribution business out of NetSuite

What’s Next

Inter-lux intends to draw on the rich ecosystem of NetSuite partners and developers to continue adding functionality to its ERP platform. “We’re looking forward to bringing in applications and solutions that fit very precise business needs,” explained Zaroogian. “Thanks to Luxent, we’re confident we can assess and implement solutions that will take us to the next level.”

“The value we get from Luxent is high-end innovation value that lets us do the work to make it a reality. We have a significantly better operation because of Luxent and that’s a very real business impact.”
– Mark Zaroogian