Salesforce1: A Game Changer

Last week at Midwest Dreamin’, I had the opportunity to sit down with Salesforce for an interview about how Luxent is using Salesforce1, both as a company as well as with our customers. Here’s a recap of the discussion and how Salesforce1 has been a game-changer for us (and can be for you, too).


Q: How do you use the Salesforce 1 mobile app?

A: I use Salesforce1 every day. The app helps me organize my day and keeps me in touch with my project team, company, and customers.

Here are some of the features I use daily:

#1: I start my day with the “Today” object to:

    • Access a quick view of my agenda for the day
    • Review who will attend meetings with me
    • Manage tasks


#2: I  facilitate my weekly meetings from my mobile Dashboards

#3: I manage my Projects (Custom Object):

  • Check statuses
  • Log calls and meetings
  • Add next steps


Q: How has Salesforce1 changed your process?

A: The Salesforce1 app empowers the team. We have created Chatter feeds that provide the right information to the right person at the right time directly to a  mobile device. This is huge! It adds efficiency to the team and improves our collaboration and communication. We are also finding that this automation gives the team the tools to delight our customers. Information is conveniently posted to the Chatter feed and an end user can send an email or call the customer with a few clicks.

Use Case – Luxent’s LiNK Data Integration solution syncs ERP data to Salesforce every minute. When a product is  shipped to a customer, a Chatter post can be auto-generated to the Account Manager. Now the Account Manager knows the product has  shipped and has the tracking information without adding additional steps to the process. At this point, the Account Manager has all the information he needs if he wants to engage with the customer.

Many times a company has a great idea about how they want to go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional customer experience, but find that accessing and delivering the information is too difficult or time-consuming. Salesforce1 and Chatter remove these obstacles and put the information at your fingertips.

Q: How does Salesforce1 help you work with your team?

A: It all comes down to being connected. Whether I am onsite at a customer, traveling, or in back-to-back conference calls, I am still connected to the process and team. At Luxent we use Salesforce Chatter to collaborate, share, and communicate. Being able to read and post in Chatter from my mobile device allows me to be more effective.


I use Salesforce1 to:

  • Approve Quotes
  • Send Thank You or Kudos to team members
  • Collaborate with my team on Opportunities and Projects via Chatter
  • Read product or internal updates posted in Chatter
  • Let my next meeting know I am running late. To do this, simply:
    • Click on Today and choose the correct meeting
    • Click on the Email icon
    • Choose a quick message from the pick list

Q: Do you have any advice for Salesforce Admins regarding user adoption?

A: Salesforce1 should be part of your discovery, testing, and rollout. When you add a new feature, field, or process, you’ll want to add mobile as a requirement and add Salesforce1 to all test cases.

I find that when we train on Salesforce1, it helps to demonstrate from a mobile device versus just the physical URL. This is a crucial piece of the user adoption puzzle. Processes might be slightly different and users need to feel comfortable shifting from desktop to mobile.

We’ll have a video in the coming weeks that demonstrates some of the items I’ve covered here. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to our Salesforce Experts with questions at