TGT Stickers
Custom Sticker Manufacturer

TGT Stickers is dedicated to producing innovative and creative stickers for its customers. With original ideas, long-term partnerships with retailers and customers, and diverse product offerings, TGT Stickers is a fast-growing manufacturer serving customers worldwide.

Every time we work with Luxent to add new functionality, we realize, ‘Wow, we can do that much more now.”
– Lis Collins, Customer Service Manager at TGT Stickers


TGT Stickers has experienced major growth in the past five years and has worked diligently to scale technology, like NetSuite, to meet new challenges.

“We implemented NetSuite ERP to help manage all aspects of the business from back office to CRM,” explained Lis Collins, Customer Service Manager. “But after two years working with the platform, we realized we weren’t fully utilizing its functionality and therefore not necessarily getting all the value possible from our investment. We needed a partner that could understand our business, our needs, and would look out for us and our best interests.”

Key Solution Requirements:
  • Improve demand planning and forecasting
  • Expedite production and delivery for short turnaround orders
  • Improve data consistency and continuity, specifically around product codes and SKUs
  • Automate website ordering


TGT Stickers turned to Luxent’s NetSuite consulting team for help building custom solutions that could reduce redundant and time-consuming tasks using NetSuite’s ability to automate. “With 10,000 different designs and a steady stream of new asks from customers, consistency and efficiency really matter,” explained Collins. “Luxent was able to come in, demonstrate their knowledge of NetSuite and our business, and help us think through what makes the most sense for our business and our team to move forward.”


“Every time we work with Luxent to add new functionality, we realize, ‘Wow, we can do that much more now,’” said Collins. “Our employees have noticed that NetSuite is making their lives easier and they’re even thinking of additional ways to leverage the platform on their own.”

Notable Results:
  • Demand Planning: Customized the NetSuite platform to meet TGT Stickers’ needs around forecasting commonly ordered items to expedite production and delivery for customers with recurring orders such as seasonal sticker needs.
  • SKU and Code Creation: Replaced manual and error-prone tasks with dynamically created SKUs and product codes that remove redundancies and improve overall data consistency and continuity.
  • Website Automation: When a new item is created in NetSuite ERP, it automatically populates on the website in the correct location. The website is now perpetually updated without a manual task and products listed as available are ready for customers to order.


Looking Ahead

In the future, TGT Stickers plans to keep expanding its use of NetSuite, including expanding Human Resources work and automating customer touches with CRM build-out. “We feel great about the future with NetSuite,” said Collins. “Between the work we do with Luxent and the skills we’re building on our own, we’re confident we’ll expand our successful use of the NetSuite ERP platform.”

Some consultants come in and do what’s best or easiest for them. Not Luxent; they look at us like a real partner and always take the time to understand what the business issue is and how we can leverage the NetSuite platform to solve for it.
– Lis Collins