ViON Salesforce Service Cloud® Case Study


Herndon, VA, USA
Technology Systems Integrator

ViON Corporation is a market leader in the design, delivery and maintenance of mission critical IT solutions. Established in 1980, ViON has grown from a small product reseller into a leading systems integrator that delivers customized solutions, Cloud-based X-as-a-Service (XaaS) offerings and best of breed technologies to large public and private organizations. From the data center to the cloud, ViON is committed to innovation – and to the success of its customers.

With large remote field staff and customers being 24/7, we have pretty strict SLAs and a minimum two-hour response time to meet these requirements. We approached Luxent to design a system that alerts us within minutes, that gives us the ability to not only meet but blow past those SLA requirements.”

Luke Soares – Sr. Product Support Analyst


  • Lack of mobility: Using the field service module within their ERP system, ViON employees–including field representatives–were tied to a computer and VPN
  • Desired more flexibility: Too many operations required too many manual steps, so automation was near the top of the priority list
  • Visibility: Information was fragmented between different systems and needed to be integrated holistically into one
  • Strict SLA requirements: Many ViON customers have mission-critical, large-enterprise applications which require very stringent SLAs


  • Implement Salesforce Service Cloud Console, while customizing certain modules to better fit ViON’s needs
  • Customized Case Escalations (not native to Salesforce) in order to fit within strict SLAs
  • Service Contract information brought into Salesforce from ERP through integration using Luxent’s LiNK Data Integration tool

ViON Salesforce Service Console


  • With implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud, field service reps are able to use Salesforce1 on their mobile devices to accept and update support cases
  • Support reps now have the flexibility to text message support staff within Salesforce
  • New dispatch process combines both automated and manual processes to assign and dispatch cases to field engineers
  • Case escalation is down to 5-minute intervals, thanks to Luxent’s customization from Salesforce’s native 30-minute pre-set minimums
  • Knowledge Base created as part of the native Service Cloud implementation, complete with three specific categories: FAQ, How-To’s, and Articles Related to Closed Cases
  • Case management is made simpler with service contract information pulled into Salesforce Service Cloud from ERP system through Luxent’s LiNK Data Integration tool
  • “Call Home” feature where the hardware can automatically message system and a support case can be initiated instantly

ViON Salesforce Service Cloud Case Dispatch Salesforce1


We incorporate the geographical placements of both our customers and our employees using the system Luxent created for us. Alerts will notify the closest on-call field engineer to service that particular customer. And, as a backup, if those alerts aren’t accepted by the closest field engineer within 15 minutes, it escalates to our 24/7 support center, and they can act on those alerts and create a seamless experience for the customers.” Luke Soares