Salesforce Quick Hit Series: Salesforce Report Builder

Watch as Dan Ervin, Salesforce Consultant at Luxent, walks through the Salesforce Report Builder and teaches you how to build effective reports in Salesforce. The Salesforce Quick Hit Series is a series of videos from Salesforce consultants at Luxent, which provides Salesforce implementation and consulting services in addition to CPQ and integration software (iQ CPQ…

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3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Need Salesforce

how manufacturers can simplify the cloud

After years of industry consolidation and economic downturns driving manufacturing overseas, the manufacturing industry is poised for growth in 2015. In fact, Industry Week posed six key predictions for 2015, all pointing toward growth after several years of contraction within manufacturing. Such predictions included reshoring, a greater use of big data, increased investments in technologies…

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Salesforce Expert Series: Salesforce Campaigns Tips

Tip: Keep options for ‘lead source’ simple/generic. Utilize campaigns to get more specific. For instance, ‘lead source’ is ‘webinar’ and the lead is linked to the ‘Webinar – Campaigns – 100814’. Tip: When using Web-To-Lead, ensure that campaign ID is being passed with form submission. So that records become a campaign member AND a lead.…

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