Salesforce User Groups – A great place to learn and connect

I attended my first Salesforce User Groups meeting last week and had a great experience getting to know what is an extremely active Salesforce user community!

If you’ve never been to one, I highly recommend attending your local user group’s meetings. A user group meeting is a great way to network, share ideas, and get tips on how to get the most out of Salesforce. Even if you consider yourself a superuser, there’s someone out there doing something you’ve never thought of. Here’s a helpful link to find out where the closest user group is to you.

In addition to meeting some fellow Salesforce enthusiasts, there were two presentations that kick-started a lot of ideas for me on how Luxent and our customers can get more value out of Salesforce. The usual format for the Twin Cities User Group meetings is a presentation by a partner followed by a presentation by a user who is doing something that others want to learn about. At last week’s session, this brought us a very interesting vendor that’s focused on data integrity (an issue for any company), as well as a superuser who has done some amazing things with advanced Salesforce reporting.

The best thing about attending user group meetings is getting to meet people who are in your network and share your challenges. It was exciting to talk about Luxent’s upcoming training class in Minnesota this July and chat with Salesforce admins who were interested in learning how they can develop Apex triggers at their company.

Definitely join the Salesforce User Groups community near you (I actually belong to a couple in my region) and take the time to get to a user group meeting–maybe I’ll even see you there!