Salesforce Marketing Training

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It’s time to think about 2016 budgets–before you do, you need to make your case. How did those webinars work out? Where did your campaign themes have the best results? How much opportunity revenue did marketing really impact? This is where Salesforce can help you show your success, challenges, and where you can grow in 2016. In this class, you’ll get practical advice so that you can learn how to:

  • Build a marketing dashboard that pulls campaign data, shows where you got the most lead conversions into opportunities, and how much revenue marketing impacted in 2015
  • Track KPIs around activities, campaign themes, and lead funnel
  • See where things didn’t work out so that you can make better plans for 2016

As a bonus, we’ll give you our Marketing Best Practices for setting up your 2016 campaigns now so that you can better track your results next year.

Signup for the October 30 class is now closed. To signup for the November 6 session, click here.