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Salesforce Spring ’14 Release

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Written by Jeff Rogers Jeff Rogers

With Salesforce’s release of Spring ’14 right around the corner, its time to get up to speed on the new features and improvements.  We’ve parsed through the 200+ pages of release notes and pulled out what we think are the most interesting and valuable features.  It’s no surprise that many of the new features reside around the recently released Salesforce1 mobile app, but there are some exciting new features for the Sales and Service Clouds as well.  Check out our top 5 and honorable mention below!

Top 5

Enhanced Lookups Available for Users and Opportunties

Enhanced lookups was a new feature in Winter ’14, but only supported Accounts, Contacts, and custom objects.  Salesforce has now expanded the feature to support Users and Opportunities.  If you’re not familiar with Enhanced Lookups, they give the end user the ability to not only search the name field, but all available fields while performing a lookup search.  In addition to the advanced search capabilities, Enhanced Lookups also gives the end user the ability to personalize the fields they see when lookup search results are returned.


Orders is now (finally) a standard object within Salesforce.  This object comes with a handy Place Order REST API to help assist with integrating an ecommerce site or back-office fulfillment system.  Our Connect customers (w/ existing ERP integrations) have had a custom Sales Order object for years, but its nice to finally see Salesforce give this object the love it deserves.  The standard Order object comes with an Order Products child object, but not much else at this point in time.  I’d expect Salesforce to continue to add functionality related to this object in future releases, such as creating an order from an opportunity (something our Connect product does in both Salesforce and your fulfillment system).

Salesforce1 Available for Communities

Not a surprise here, but a much-needed feature.  Community members can now access and switch between the communities they are part of, right within the Salesforce1 app.  Mobile access to customer and partner communities will drive user adoption and make the community a much more valuable asset to your organization!

Embedded Report Charts Available in Salesforce1

Embedded Report Charts was a new feature for the Sales Cloud in Winter ’14, but have now made their way to the Salesforce1 app for display on record detail pages.  This new feature makes your most valuable data visualizations contextually accessible from any where via the Salesforce1 app!

Enhanced Report Sorting

The sorting capabilities in the report builder just received a major overhaul.  You can now sort by summarized fields within a group on a Summary Report.  This feature should have been available from the inception of Salesforce analytics, right?  Well now it is!

Honorable Mention

  • Skills – Add and share your skills via your Chatter profile (available via the pilot program)
  • Users can now create cases from the Salesforce for Outlook side panel
  • Multiple monitor support for the Salesforce Console
  • Partial Data Sandboxes (Full Sandbox with less data, can be refreshed every 5 days)
  • Search/replace and full screen mode available in the Developer Console
  • Add Canvas apps to the Salesforce1 app
  • Embed Report Charts in Visualforce pages
  • File storage increases from 612MB to 2GB per licensed user

Full release notes.

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