Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Highlights

Here we are at the start of a brand-new year full of promise and opportunity, both for ourselves and our businesses. While we can’t guarantee what this year has in store, we can count on the release of Salesforce’s Spring ’22 update!

This release offers many highly anticipated enhancements that will allow users to improve efficiency, build more powerful automations, and extract more value from the platform. Here are some of the most exciting highlights from the release:

Sales: Collaborative Forecast Enhancements 

In 2018, Salesforce released collaborative forecasts, giving you the ability to plan your end-to-end sales cycles and achieve more realistic sales expectations throughout your organization. Some enhancements for this tool found in the release:

  • Efficient Collaborative Forecasts Setup – Setup has never been easier with an improved user interface, including a new look and configuration items brought together on a single page. 
  • Quick Insights from Core Forecasting KPIs – Add new columns to your forecasting grid to calculate Gap to Quota and Pipeline Coverage and avoid time-eating metric calculations.
  • See Recent Changes in Forecast Categories – With the ability to see week-over-week forecast changes, you can now be more aware of when to adjust your forecasting strategies.
Collaborative Forecast Enhancements

Service: Workforce Engagement

This new feature for call centers delivers a suite of tools aimed at enhanced scheduling forecasts and agent happiness. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Long-Term Forecasts – Workforce analysts have been using intelligent forecasts to plan staffing needs around anticipated workload volumes on a 12-week horizon. Now they can project out to 52 weeks.
  • Long-Term Capacity Plans – Budget and hiring capacity plans enable call centers to meet customer SLAs through predictions made by Omni-Channel plans. This extends the capacity plan horizon from 12 to 52 weeks, similar to the forecast update.
  • Historical Adherence Metrics – Build better schedules by comparing anticipated schedule adherence versus actual adherence. Planners now have access to the Historical Adherence Dashboard and see statistics for schedule adherence, conformance, Omni-Channel status, and scheduled versus presence time.
  • Mass Shift Update – This tool allows planners to update shifts in bulk, defining criteria to select a batch of shifts and assign agents, update shift statuses, or both.
  • Limit Non-Standard Shifts – Agent work-life balance is essential, and not all shifts are desirable. Scheduling rules that limit inconvenient shifts assigned to each agent enable planners to employ more equitable shift scheduling.
Workforce Engagements

Service: Conversation Canvas for Einstein Bots

Build a bot conversation quickly in the redesigned Bot Builder, Conversation Canvas. With the Einstein Bots API Platform, you can create a fully functional bot and connect it to any channel with no user interface required. Keep your bot available to your customers while you retrain your intent model. The new Sales bot template lets you quickly spin up bots optimized for sales use cases.

  • Build Your Bot with Confidence in Conversation Canvas
    • Goodbye searching through menus, hello streamlined conversation design. Conversation Canvas reimagines the Bot Builder to make it easier to build and edit bots, visualize the bot conversation flow, and discover new and valuable features.
  • Einstein Bots Analytics
    • Improved instrumentation helps you get the most out of your bot sessions. Use dialog goals to evaluate how well your bot meets your customers’ needs. Visualize bot performance with new pre-built reports.
  • Get More from Your Knowledge Base with Article Answers Improvements (Beta)
    •  Learn about improvements that make Article Answers more convenient and customizable. These changes are automatically available.
  • Branch Out with the New Sales Bot Template
    • Process leads faster and in natural language by deploying the Sales Bot to your internal teams. Installation is a breeze because the setup is included in the main Bots Setup flow. Gather prospects, qualify their requests, and send them to your teams using High Velocity Sales cadences or tasks.

Pardot: Enhanced Landing Page Experience

In the Winter ’22 release, Enhanced Landing Pages for Pardot gave users some handy features to create landing pages, including Drag-and-drop builder, responsive design, Salesforce CMS images, and Salesforce reporting. 

This update brings even more options to configure your landing page.

  • Customize Pardot Form Styles – Dial in the look of your Pardot forms with the added ability to apply colors, fonts, margins, and more.
  • Set a Redirect for Unpublished Landing Pages – Users now can define a custom redirect URL when a Pardot landing page is removed from the internet.
  • Add Scripts – Enhanced landing pages now support script code in the header or footer of an individual landing page using <link>, <script>, and <style> tags.
  • New Page Layouts and Breadcrumbs – Creating an Enhanced Landing Page can be lightning-fast with new pre-built layouts and breadcrumbs for row editing.

Analytics: Edit Multiple Fields Inline on the Report Run Page (Beta)

This is one of my favorite newest features! For anyone who has ever wished they could make inline edits to multiple fields and clean data from within a Salesforce report without rerunning it every time, your wish has been answered. 

A welcome enhancement to the Inline Edits on Reports from the Summer ’21 release, the added functionality allows you to edit a field with related fields on the same record. When you do this, the related fields are marked as Pending and are updated with the new value upon saving the edits. Multiple-field inline editing for reports has entered Beta testing and will be available to most users in the Spring ’22 release. 

Commerce: B2B Promotions

Several new types of commerce promotions have been created for B2B stores, allowing you to offer your customer coupons, fixed discounts, and more promotions per cart.

Additional updates include creating multiple product discounts for the same promotion, the ability to view all promotions applied to an order, and Commerce Promotions API access through Apex. 

Conclusion: Resolve to Work Smarter in 2022 

With all these amazing enhancements and much more, the Spring ’22 release should provide plenty of motivation to kickstart your year with a renewed commitment to continuous improvement. If you’re interested in learning more about one of these features mentioned here or another included in the Spring ’22 Release, a complete list of release notes can be found here. If you’d like to discuss your Salesforce needs, you can contact Luxent Services.